Zlatan Announces that he Doesn’t Know DJ Cuppy

On the 8th of January, DJ Cuppy tweeted about not knowing the reason Zlatan blocked her on WhatsApp and Instagram. This was ten months after he blocked her.
She was amazed, shocked and surprised by it, because they were good friends and ‘Gelato’, a song where she featured him, was a hit.

Fans have wondered what could’ve transpired between the two to warrant such drastic action.

In a recent interview with #TheSwitch that surfaced on the internet, Zlatan was asked by the interviewers about what transpired between him and Cuppy and his reply left both the interviewers and fans who have watched it dumbfounded.

Watch here

The hosts of the TV show asked him what transpired between him and Cuppy, and he asked them who that is. In his words “is that an artist?” This surprised the hosts that they had to explain that she is a DJ and is Cuppy Music.

Zlatan insisted that he doesn’t know who that is.
This goes to show that DJ Cuppy must’ve offended him greatly.

While fans judge him for being rude, others think the two sides of the story should be heard before making judgment.

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