You Think We Are Wicked Feminists? Just Wait Till You Meet The Women Coming After Us”, Lawyer Declares.

A popular lawyer and human right activist named Moe Oyedele, who was very instrumental in the release of unlawfully detained Nigerians during the #EndSARS protests has declared that the wickedness women display towards men in this age is nothing compared to what the women in the future would do.

This is following her plans to boycott Twitter on Thursday, April 9, 2021 due to its promotion of women harassment which failed.
On this day, women did not only make engagements on the app, men decided to tag the day as “International Men’s Day”

They made a fun of the boycott by praising themselves and posting their pictures, which made the self acclaimed feminist mad.

Her plans to boycott the app failed, and she has returned to announce to the men that they have worse coming for them in the future.

Moe has also mocked Chimamanda Adichie for a statement she made discrediting the uprising and toxic type of feminism. Chimamanda clearly stated in a video that the type of feminism the modern day women are practicing on social media isn’t what she preaches about. She doesn’t preach hate towards men.
She drew a line between her version of feminism and the uprising one which is nothing but hate and wickedness.

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