Words That Rhyme With Purple

If you need to increase your vocabulary or playing a word game with friends that has to do with words that rhyme with purple, you are in the right place. Purple is a color that is gotten from a mixture of red and blue colors. Also, the Purple color is known to stand for royalty. The following are list of words that rhyme with purple. We have classified them depending on the number of syllables starting from one to five.

Popular Words That Rhyme With Purple

  • Turtle
  • Couple
  • Trouble
  • Bubble
  • Simple
  • Bible
  • People
  • Equal
  • Muscle
  • Riddle
  • Strangle
  • Throttle

1 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Purple

Dull, Skull, Lull, All, Mull, Cul, Gull

2 Syllables Words That Rhyme With Purple

Turtle, Circle, Fertile, Couple, Hirple, Curple, Quirpele, People, Metal, Trouble, Title, Table, Bubble, Battle, Crystal, Pistol, Fatal, Settle, Total, Simple, Bible, Hurtful, Circle, Google, Actual, Awful, Painful, Candle, Barrel, Travel, Middle, Hustle, Crumble, Grateful, Thankful, Subtle, Muscle, Rubble, Loyal, Burble, Girdle, Burgle, Hurtle, Portal, Corbel, Snorkel, Chortle, Warble. Apple, Local, Able, Journal, Hurdle. Equal, Scribble, Rumble,

3 Syllables Words That Rhyme With Purple

Multiple, Funeral, Natural, Admiral, Possible, Numeral, Corporal, Rehearsal, Mineral, Infertile, External, Maternal, Possible, Immortal, Referral, Structural, Illegal, Anima, Capital, Capable, Beautiful, Encircle, Paternal, Sexual, Potential, Typical, Pinnacle, Miserable, Lyrical, Nonverbal, Reversal, Encircle, Aortal, geothermal.

4 Syllables Words That Rhyme With Purple

Unstoppable, Invincible, Controversial, Spiritual, Subliminal, Impossible, Incredible, hydrothermal, unnatural, collateral, peripheral, patriarchal, cholesterol, universal. Original, matriarchal, semicircle, metacarpal.

5 Syllables Words That Rhyme With Purple

Individual, heterocercal, Supernatural, architectural, multicultural

We try as much as possible to ensure that words we put in our list are real words and not just made up words for the numbers.


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