The word pain describes a distressed feeling or unpleasant sensation due to intense or damaging stimuli. Every human must have felt pain at one time or another, either physical or emotional pain. It is not unusual to hear musicians sing about pain or poets weave a literary piece around pain. If you are looking for words that rhyme with pain, we’ve got you covered. Below are several words that rhyme very well with the word pain.

Popular Words That Rhyme With Pain

  • Bane
  • Chain
  • Cane
  • Dane
  • Rain
  • Rein
  • Drain
  • Feign
  • Jane
  • Stain
  • Spain

1 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Pain

Ain, Aine, Ayne, Alain, Brain, Blain, Blaine, Bane, Bain, Chain, Cane, Caine, Crane, Crain, Came, Cain, Cheyenne, Drain, Dwayne, Dane, Deign, Dame, Fein, Feign, Frain, Fane, Frame, Flame, Jane, Jayne, Jain, Kane, Lane, Lain, Main, Mane, Rain, Reign, Rein, Grain, Gain, Hain, Plane, Plain, Spain, Stain, Sprain, Slain, Shane, Strain, Shame, Sane, Swain, Train, Twain, Tame, Thane, Vain, Wayne, Wain, Wayne, Zayne,

2 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Pain

Again, Aflame, Alain, Alayne, Acclaim, Arraign, Alleyne, Arcane, Attain, Abstain, Ashamed, Airplane, Became, Birdbrain, Biscayne, Butane, Brisbane, Ballgame, Bahrain, Brattain, Bloodstain, Biplane, Biscayne, Cocaine, Campaign, Contain, Complain, Cobain, Constrain, Coltrane, Champagne, Champaign, Champlain, Charmaine, Detain, Defame, Domain, Disdain, Disclaim, Dewayne, Detain, Explain, Elaine, Exclaim, Endgame, Fontaine, Germaine, Hussein, Humane, Insane, Inflame, Inane, Ingrain, Jermaine, Lorraine, Maintain, Mundane, Moraine, Migraine, Methane, Membrane, McCain, Obtain, Ordain, Octane, Propane, Profane, Proclaim, Pertain, Romaine, Rename, Remain, Reclaim, Regain, Retrain, Restrain, Refrain, Retain, Rogaine, Sustain, Spokane, Terrain, Tulane, Ukraine, Urbane, Wholegrain.


3 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Pain

Ascertain, Aspartame, Aeroplane, Appertain, Cellophane, Counterclaim, Charlemagne, Entertain, Foreordain, Hurricane, Hydroplane, Halothane, Inhumane, Ibogaine, Maryjane, Monoplane, Overcame, Overlain, Preordain, Sugarcane, Urethane, Username, Windowpane.

4 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Pain

Aquitaine, Demimondaine, Legerdemain, Videogame

5 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Pain


Joined Words That Rhyme With pain

Bird brain, Brain drain, Brain gain,  Bullet lane, Castles in Spain, Come again, Down the drain, In vain, In the main, Now and again, Again and again, On again, Off again, Free rein.

The words on this list were carefully researched and found to be real and not just made up. Check out the category page or use the search option on the top right side to search for any word. If you need rhyming words for any word that is not yet on our database, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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