Life refers to the period between the birth and the death of a living thing. Life is the difference between animals and plants, and inorganic matter. Life also refers to the existence of an individual human or animal. Life can also mean vitality, vigour, or energy e.g. She was full of life. Life can also mean the depiction of a subject using a real model rather than imagination. In this post we have compiled lots of words that rhyme with life for poets, songwriters, rappers and anyone in need of rhyme words for life. The words are grouped based on the number of syllables into 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 syllable words that rhyme with life.

1 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Life

The following are some 1 syllable rhyme words for life.

Bites, Blithe, Blinds, Café, Chafe, Cries, Clive, Crimes, Dive, Dice, Drive, Dykes, Drives, Dimes, Five, Fife, Fyffe, Flies, Fight’s, Fights, Fires, Flights, Fries, Finds, Guys, Gaffe, Hive, Highs, Heights, Hides, I’ve, I’s, Ice, Jive, Knife, Knives, Kinds, Life’s, Lies, Likes, Lights, Lines, Lice, Live, Lives, Lithe, Minds, Mines, Miles, Mice, Nikes, Nice, Nines, Nights, Price, Prize, Pies, Pouffe, Plies, Pipes, Piles, Rife, Rise, Rides, Rice, Rhymes, Rights, Strife, Skies, Size, Schleif, Signs, Strive, Slice, Spice, Styles, Sights, Sides, Strikes, Smiles, Shines, Scythe, Strafe, Spines, Sithe, Stripes, Splice, Spies, Thrive, Tithe, Tries, Trials, Times, Twice, Thrice, Types, Ties, Tides, Trice, Thighs, Vive, Vibes, Vice, Vines, Wife, Wise, Whites, Why’s, Wives, Wires, Winds

2 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Life

The following 2 syllable words rhyme with life.


Alive, Applies, Arise, Arrive, Allies, Archive, Advise, Advice, Beehive, Baptize, Besides, Capsize, Concise, Contrive, Connie, Carafe, Devise, Designs, Denies, Decides, Device, Derive, Defines, Deprive, Defies, Despise, Demise, Disguise, Entice, Ex-wife, Forsythe, Franchise, Goodbyes, Housewife, Implies, Insides, Jackknife, Likewise, Midwife, Midlife, Metlife, Nightlife, Nosedive, Penknife, Popeyes, Popeyes, Precise, Replies, Revive, Relies, Reminds, Resides, Revise, Skydive, Survive, Surprise, Sunrise, Suffice, Semis, Sometimes, Supplies, Surmise, Unwise, Uprise, Wildlife

3 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Life

The following are some 3 syllable rhyme words for life.

Afterlife, Advertise, Analyze, Butterflies, Criticize, Compromise, Enterprise, Energize, Exercise, Emphasize, Empathize, Fantasize, Fireflies, Herbalife, Hypnotize, Hyperdrive, Improvise, Idolize, Jeopardize, Legalize, Lullabies, Memorize, Maximize, Merchandise, Mesmerize, Minimize, Otherwise, Overdrive, Organize, Optimize, Paralyze, Pulverize, Paradise, Realize, Recognize, Symbolize, Sympathize, Specialize, Socialize, Scrutinize, Sacrifice, Sodomize, Satisfies, Stabilize, Traumatize, Terrorize, Tranquilize, Televise, Utilize, Visualize, Vaporize, Vandalize

4 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Life

The words listed below are 4 syllable rhyme words for life.

Apologize, Capitalize, Categorize, Monopolize, Prioritize

5 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Life

Below is a list of 5 syllable words that rhyme with life.


The words on this list were carefully researched and found to be real and not just made up. Check out the category page or use the search option on the top right side to search for any word. If you need rhyming words for any word that is not yet on our database, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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