Woman who gave birth to ten babies in one day, said to be a fraud.

The South African woman named Moliehi Maria Sithole who has been all over the news on social media for giving birth to ten babies from one pregnancy after having delay in childbirth, has been held hostage by the government at a mental health institution.

Local government officials in Pretoria claim that this woman did not give birth to ten babies, otherwise known as decuplets, as she has made the world believe when she went viral on the internet, and may have never been pregnant to even begin with.
They also claimed that she may have also lied about previously having triplets.
In fact, these officials have stated that Moliehi has never been pregnant.

The accused and her husband have filed a case against the police for being illegally arrested without a court warrant, and for trampling upon her human right to freedom of movement and human liberty.

Her husband didn’t hesitate to state that he has been denied access to her, and was told that they were acting under instructions from the Department of Social Development.

More details shortly…

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