Woman insults husband for snooping around her phone.

A certain woman named Anty Funmi, who is popular for complaining nonstop about her husband has come again to rant about him to her social media in-laws.

In giving her opinion about people going through other people’s phones, she asks her social media in-laws to help her tell her husband that the habit of going through her phone is a dirty one. She adds that they should warn him to desist from it because it is a “dirty, gutter and body odour attitudes”

This comment has left a lot of people with so many questions and opinions. Considering the fact that she is always complaining about her husband on Twitter, they pity him.
Few weeks ago, she openly declared her regret for marrying her husband because he refused to tend to their crying baby when she wasn’t in the room, meanwhile he was fast asleep.
A couple of times, she has labelled him “stupid” and this has become a cause for concern to her social media in-laws.

Her comment has left people asking if it’s actually a bad thing to go through your husband or wife’s phone.
So many people have prayed to never marry a person who doesn’t like to sort issues amicably but bring it on social media.

Anty Funmi has been advised to start a family reality show so she could make money from it, since the whole of Twitter now knows whatever goes on in her life and family.
Concerned Nigerians pray for her husband and wish he could speak up.

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