Woman Cries Out After Being Assaulted.

A certain blonde hair woman has cried out on social media in a video about being assaulted by a man at a motor park.
According to her, she was going out to the motor park to waybill stuff to her mum when a motor park tout came to ask if she was going. When she said no, he proceeded to physically and sexually assault her grabbing her breasts.

When she retorted and fought back, he beat her up, pushed her on the ground and almost strangled her to death.
She cried that people around watched while he beat her up.

As expected, people have dropped their various opinions on the issue, and there have been differing opinions.
Some think she was wrong for hitting the man back in self defence.
Others think women should always carry pepper spray with them in order to deal with assaulters like him.
Some people think she shouldn’t have cried, but stood up firmly to him.

A kind gentleman has offered to follow her to the park and deal with her assaulter and use him as a scape-goat to other men who move about harassing.

Watch the video here

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