Window treatment is important in home decoration. Selecting the right window covers for your home or office can greatly improve the aesthetic quality of your home. Window treatments are of different types depending on the material they are made of. Broadly, we can have curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds. Each of these has special qualities and functions apart from improving a home or office aesthetically.

Curtain and Drapes are often mistaken for each other due to their similar appearance. The difference between the two is simple. Curtains are made with unlined, lighter fabric while Drapes are made from heavier, lined fabric. 

Curtains are more ideal for decorative window treatments. Drapes on the other hand are more effective for blocking out light, and controlling room temperature (heat and cold retention) than curtains. Therefore, Drapes are more functional than curtains.

Blinds are fabricated from solid materials such as wood, metal, vinyl, or plastic. A blind can easily be raised and lowered to effectively block out light as the need arises. Blinds are composed of many individual slats.

The last type of window covering to be mentioned in this article is Shades. A Shade is made up of a large fabric panel that can be raised or lowered for full or partial covering of a window.

The focus of this article is window blinds so more of this window treatment style is discussed below.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are of different types and come in different styles and designs. The quality of the materials used in producing these blinds also differ. All of these influence pricing. You should go for high-quality window blinds if you are shopping for window blinds. It is expected that higher quality products will have higher durability.

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There are low-quality window blinds made from inferior quality materials on sale in the market. These ones typically are cheaper but don’t last long. Instead, go for quality blinds that will serve you perfectly. Such blinds should be easy to install and maintain.

The following are some types of window blind designs in Nigeria:

Wooden Window Blinds

Aluminum Window Blinds

Fabric Window Blinds

Zebra Window Blinds

Day and Night Window Blinds

Window blinds come with chords that are used to easily lower or raise them. Some blinds are automated and come with remote controls that you can use to control their movement. The automated ones are usually more expensive than the manually controlled ones. Below is the current pricing of window blinds in Nigeria.

Price of Window Blinds in Nigeria

For those asking how much does window blinds cost in Nigeria? The pricing of window blinds depends on a lot of factors such as type, size, and quality. Here is the current pricing of some popular window blinds in Nigeria.

  1. Aluminium Window Blinds Price

This type of window blind is quite cheap. It is also known as mini blind. The aluminum Venetian blind is durable and easy to maintain and is used mostly in bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. They can be used in rooms also. These blinds come in different colors and designs and are mostly available in 25mm or 50mm slats.

The 25mm slat aluminum window blind is sold for between #4,500 to #6,000 per square meter. The 50mm slat aluminum window blind is sold for between #6,000 to #7,500 per square meter.

  1. Wooden Window Blinds Price

This type of window blind is mostly used in living rooms and high profile offices. It is not suitable for use in the bathroom or kitchen as it is easily susceptible to damage when exposed to water frequently. Wooden blinds feature stylish design and elegance, greatly improving the aesthetics of wherever it is used. They are among the most expensive types of window blinds.

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The 25mm wooden venetian blinds are sold for between #10, 000 to #12, 000 per square meter. The 50mm wooden Venetian blinds are sold for between #11, 000 to #13, 000 per square meter. Now you know wooden window blinds price in Nigeria.

  1. Day and Night Blind Price in Nigeria

Day and night window blinds feature two layers of fabric. The lighter and transparent layer is referred to as the “day blind” while the other layer which is thicker and darker is referred to as the “night blind”. The day blind is used during the day just as the name suggests while the night blind is used at night.

Day and night blinds are ideal for all seasons and are in demand. The price of these blinds ranges from #11,500 – #15,000. Now you know the price of window blinds day and night in Nigeria.

  1. Zebra Window Blind Price

Zebra window blinds are suited mostly for use offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. They are the best when it comes to light filtering. These blinds are designed using twin cell material technology which helps to regulate your room, keeping it cool and dry. The blinds are made using a high-quality polyester fabric that is resistant to stain and dust build-up. This makes them durable and suitable for use under different weather conditions.

Zebra window blinds are sold for between #15,000 to #20,000

What Window Treatments are In Style For 2021?

Curtains, drapes, wooden window blinds, aluminum window blinds, night and day window blinds, zebra window blinds are all in style.


Is it Better To Have Curtains or Blinds?

Window blinds vs curtains is a popular question on the mind of many when it comes to the window treatment. Honestly, it’s a matter of choices and wants when it comes to deciding between the two. Curtains may be aesthetically more pleasing than blinds but blinds are more effective at blocking out light. If you can’t settle on either of the two, why not combine both and see what you come up with.

Should Windows Have Blinds and Curtains? 

Yes, window treatments such as blinds and curtains improve the aesthetic quality of a room and also serve other purposes such as light blocking. So it is important that your windows should have blinds, curtains, or any other form of window treatment.

Which Window Blind is Best?

It is difficult to specifically pick one window blind as the best. Each window blind type has its pros and cons. Some are more suited for living rooms, others bring out the beauty in an office space, and so on. So pick a window blind based on the suitability for the space you want to use it.

Window Blinds Jumia

Jumia, Kings, and Jiji are some of the e-commerce platforms where you can buy quality window blinds in Nigeria.

Conclusion (Window Blinds)

Window treatment is an important part of interior decoration. Now you know which window blinds are in style as well as their price.

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