“Who is our Bobi Wine?”, Nigerians argue.

Following the brave step Bobi Wine took towards retrieving power from the dictator, Museveni of Uganda, Nigerians have argued amongst themselves about who would give Nigeria liberation from the oppression it’s facing now.

Yesterday, Uganda had it’s elections and after a number of happenings which are not strange to elections around the world, Bobi Wine has come forward with the highest number of votes.
The internet in Uganda is still down and Bobi Wine says his cell phone numbers and his wife’s have been blocked, making it impossible for him to reach out to people.
His life has also been threatened on several occasions.

Nigerians watch as Ugandans take the bold step and are envious. They ask themselves who is best fit to carry out this revolution in Nigeria. This discussion has resulted in an argument, as some people nominate a few persons and others give reasons why those nominated persons are not fit to be in power.

Sowore is on the lips of every Nigerian today because Nigerians think he’s the best fit for the job. Whereas, others think Sowore is going about it for selfish reasons. Recall during the #EndSARS protest, Sowore was constantly being chased away from the protest grounds because they felt he was trying to highjack their protests for political purposes.

While some people think Sowore is being selfish with his interests, others think he should be given a chance, as the taste of the pudding is in the eating.

Here are a number of opinions from concerned Nigerians:

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