Wale Jana advises young ladies on how to meet a good man.

Social media evangelist, Wale Jana has taken to his Instagram page to advice young ladies about relationships.
He started by saying that if a lady is hopeful about meeting a good man, there are some things she needs to stop doing.
He advised that ladies should stop using the phrase “men are scum” because the more they use it, the more scum men they encounter. This is because there is power in the tongue and whatever they say about themselves would definitely manifest into reality.
He stated that these ladies who join in the bandwagon to say men are scum desire a good man. He didn’t fail to make a correction for the ladies who are interested. He pointed that ladies should begin to confess positivity. They should say things like “there are good men out there and the right one will find me”

He also pointed out another problem of inferiority complex peculiar to ladies, which makes them believe that they don’t deserve a good man. He advised that they do away with such thoughts and entertain positive ones. He implored them to know that they deserve a good man and every good things in life.

He concluded by stating that whatever one wants, one gets by saying it.

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