Valentine’s Day: Sugar, Spice and the Unexpected.

In the spirit of Valentine, lovers have been exchanging gifts and creating mushy moments that have left people awwning and God when-ing.

Love is a beautiful thing and it is worth celebrating, but something very strange was witnessed today at one of the venues where love was being expressed.

A certain guy was proposing to his girlfriend after giving her a surprise Valentine’s treat. Her friends were excited for her and were screaming and asking her to say “yes” to him.

In her surprised state, she was sobbing and putting her hand forward for him to put the ring in. She did this for a few seconds, amidst tears and in a twinkle of an eye, she began to behave like one who recently got admitted into a psychiatric home.

Everyone in the place were shocked as to how a lady would just run mad that way. Was it overexcitement? Or was it a regular thing for her? No one knows.

People who have watched the video have claimed that it was staged and not real. They’ve said that it was a comedy for Valentine’s day.
Many think the video and its concept is very far from funny and the skit maker should never attempt comedy again.

Watch the video here

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