UNILAG website crashes.

Following the end of ASUU strike, federal universities have been putting measures in place to see that the schools are reopened as soon as possible, as students have been kept at home for close to one year due to the strike and the adverse effect of the pandemic on lives and the economy.

While other schools think they’re fit to resume physically, putting all precautionary measures into place, other schools have decided to carry on the session with online classes.

The university of Lagos is one of those schools that settled for online class.
Today being the first day of online classes, the site has reportedly crashed making it unable for students to access their classes and materials.

Students think that our educational system is still very backward as the school was unable to pull off an online class on the first day.
Emotions are up, hopes are low, students await announcement from their school as regards school resumption, seeing that the school is incapable of taking classes online.

The students of the university of Lagos think that the school should allow them resume physically, as they’re adults and can protect themselves from the ravaging virus.
Others are scared of contracting the deadly virus and hope that something is done to solve the website glitches.

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