Unilag students invent an electric car.

Students of the faculty of engineering in the university of Lagos have created an electric car which they have called the Zero Emission Vehicle 001.

These students have been congratulated for hitting such a mark, as it is an unusual occurrence in Nigeria.
Impressed Nigerians have called on international personalities to look into the creative capabilities of the students and put their talents to use.

Others have mocked this innovation, as they describe it as donkey and iron because of its smallish nature.
While Nigerians commend the students for the hard work and resources put into making this innovation a success, they also bite their fingers for being a part of a country where creative minds are not appreciated.
They appreciate the students for their zeal, but still fault the government for not paying attention to the educational system, such that engineering students in a federal university would produce such mediocre design of a car.

Nigerians believe that if these students are given the opportunity and platform to learn in developed countries, they would turn out to be the best in their field.

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