UniAbuja students protest.

The students of the university of Abuja have proceeded to protest after the university management refused to listen to their pleas.

The university management has increased the school fees for those who didn’t pay their fees throughout last year. The Student Union Government has met with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Na’Allah who initially denied increasing the fees, but eventually confessed that the fees were increased, saying they had the agreement with the previous SUG personnel’s.
The present SUG has no other option as they have exhausted their options.

The students have moved ahead to protest against the ridiculous decision that the university reached all of a sudden. They kick and ask the university to put the blame on Covid-19 and not the students.
They beckon on the management to cut down the fees, but they’ve refused, saying some students have already paid and so they can’t reduce the fees.
So many students are at a risk of getting an extra year if they fail to pay the fees this semester.

They also protest against the new policy of paying before the end of the first semester, when in the past they were given grace till second semester to pay off.

Every affected and concerned student of the converge at the university main gate to march to the VCs office to state their grievances.

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