Unexpected by David Vera Sorochi

I woke up to the vibration of my phone on the table. I lazily reached for it hoping it wasn’t a client as I picked the phone, I turned the brightness down to read the message that popped up

You shall find that which your heart yearns To continue to recieve inspirational quotes press 2“.

At this point I am speechless,who sends messages this early?.I ignored the text and rolled over to the cooler side of the bed trying to find sleep and as it was about to take me my phone rang jerking me awake.I felt like crying, why can’t I be left alone?.Yesterday had been the most stressful day of my life, from wining a case in the court to handling two divorce cases and a land issue. I decided to ignore the call but it kept ringing, vibrating loudly and out of anger I picked the call without looking at the caller ID

” what? ” I snap

” ogiwa wu what ifeoma,it is you that is what” I hear my mum bark as I facepalm.

” I know this is not how you answer your clients calls, shey its because I’m the one calling? ” mum continues talking. ” Goodmorning mum” I greet scratching my head in frustration. “Keep your greetings Ifeoma” she started, “your father and I want you home today, ” she says in her normal sing-song voice. “aaah Mummy, you people know how busy I am, you can’t call me up and expect me back na” I say looking for an excuse ,”moreover I have a Client to see today” I lie emphasizing on the word “Client”. ” Ifeoma Onyirinnaya Chukwuka, yes we can call you up and ask you to come home” she says and I can hear my father clearing his throat.  ” if  you were married, we wouldn’t be calling you up” she adds. “Mami, I’m just 25″I say now fully awake and wanting the call to end. “I’m sure that’s what all these 30something years old ladies were saying when they were 25″ she says ,and I know she rolled her eyes before continuing,” Your father said you should dress nice, we’ll have a visitor ” and with that she drops the call on me. I lay back on the bed but it is obvious that sleep won’t be possible anymore so I roll out of bed dragging the sheets with me. “Ifeoma!” I scold myself before laying the bed properly. I rushed my shower, I know my mum and if I wasn’t home soon she was going to make dad drive here for 2 hours and pick me up and that’s one thing I don’t want happening,I brushed my teeth and washed my hair then dried it with my hand drier. I searched my closet for any cloth that will look appropriate to mum, my clothes had gently turned into black and white, even my church gowns looked too formal. I finally picked a Grey gown to wear before putting on little make up and a wig. I searched my room for my car keys untill I found it under the bed, by then my room looked like a warzone.I quickly took a look at the wall clock, 11:30 it read .The traffic was worse than I expected and I couldn’t bear it with the killer headache I was having. I reduced the volume of my radio and relaxed into my seat tapping my fingers on the steering,making a nice beat as I nodded my head to the killer beat playing on the radio. It was there I first saw him, just like me, the traffic was frustrating him but he looked like a knight, he was in a clean suit and neatly trimmed beards making him look like the drop dead gorgeous guys that were on the cover of magazines, I quickly fished out my phone and stole a picture before he turned, I needed to send the picture to my friends. As I raised the phone the second time to get a clearer picture he turned and his eyes caught mine that was probably filled with adoration but his on the other hand had confusion in it, I quickly snapped my eyes back to the front as the line continued moving, I cursed myself again for being stupid but I was happy atleast I would never see him.


Home was exactly how I remembered it to be, my niece and nephews had their toys litered everywhere and if one wasn’t careful, you would slip on the puzzles and have to be rushed to the hospital for a cast. As I entered the sitting room they rushed at me giving me bear hugs and laughing, trying to argue who actually touched me first, I leaned down and scoped them at once making them smile. I laid them on the sofa and went to look for dad. I found him in the dining with another family “Mazi” I greeted them as I bent for each of them to have the satisfaction of touching my back in respect then I turned and hugged my dad before entering the kitchen. “Mami” I hugged her from the back .” Don’t Mami me, help me carry this out and please Ify be nice, this guy might be your husband ” she said looking pointedly at me.” Yes Ma”,I mockly salute her as I carry the food to the table, I did the honours of taking my nieces and nephews to the childrens room to stay with their babysitter then I joined the adults at the table. Mum said the grace and dished the food and everyone started eating, I only answered questions that were directed at me and I was happy the Son was running late, maybe by the time he came it would have been my time to leave so as to beat traffic. But things never go as planned because immediately I thought it a knock sounded, my mum rushed to the door, I could hear her talking to someone, so I fixed my eyes on my meal eating it fast like my life depended on it, I felt the chair opposite me being drawn out and I was forced to look up and my fork slipped from my fingers in shock. He was the one, the traffic guy, I felt embarrassed and wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.


” Sorry, I’m late,traffic ” he apologized taking his seat.

“Odinma” my mom said making me look at her, this was the same person that hated people using traffic as an excuse, she was a believer of starting on time to finish on time. Then she dished his own food, the table was silent only the ‘click, click” sounds the cuttleries made on the plates could be heard and once in a while someone would say something or comment on the food, and finally the food was soon cleared.

“Ifeoma why not take Ebuka to the pool and show him how neat it is, while I help your mum clear up” his mum said, I looked at my dad who was doing a great job at pretending that he didn’t know what was going on.

“Ebuka to the pool then” I say standing up. ” How neat the pool is? ” he said once we were out of the house making me laugh. “My mum could have done better” he said laughing. “I’m sorry about this morning ” I apologized in a low voice. ” The picture?,nah It’s cool” he said smiling and showing off his white pearly teeth “Phewww!! Thank you” I said smiling. “My name is Ifeoma and I’m a barrister at Juxtaposed firm” I said extending my hand for a shake. “Ebuka, I’m a doctor” he said taking my hands in his, his hands unlike mine were callused and big, it covered mine totally and it made me feel safe, I couldn’t help fantasizing about him giving me a hug. “You know our parents are probably somewhere watching ” he whispered into my ears, was he doing that on purpose? Sending chills down my spine and causing the butterflies to wake up. “Hmhh.. Yeah”,I stammered trying to regain some composure. “You are beautiful ” he said bitting his lips as if the words had mistakenly rolled out of his mouth. “Thank you, and you look like Idris Elba ” I say before I could stop myself. What was wrong with me? How on earth had I let that out. “I’m sorry” I apologized “I shouldn’t have said that” I add again while he stood smiling at my confusion. “I meant to say, you too look beautiful ” I stutter,” sorry I mean handsome ” I face palm. “It’s obvious we both leave each other speechless ” he said laughing then reaching for my hands “why don’t we give this a try, yoy know go out, have a drink or two” he said looking at me “Sounds nice” I agree and immediately my phone vibrates “excuse me”,I say reaching for it.


You shall find that which your heart yearns To continue to recieve inspirational quotes press 2

the text read and without thinking I press “2”.

Six months later,I wake up to the vibration of my phone, as I roll over to the other end of my bed with speed to avoid the early morning sun from hitting my still sleepy eyes, then picking my phone I tap on the message icon.

Roses are red..Violets are Violets..So is today’s weather perfect for a wedding

With a smile I cover myself with the white duvet, soon my mum will come knocking, soon Ebuka will be waiting.

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