Uganda Elections: #FreeBobiWine

Six days after the presidential election that held in Uganda in which President Yoweri Museveni emerged as winner, a presidential candidate, Bobi Wine has been kept under house arrest.
This is following the death threats he got before and during the elections, and having his phones disconnected from the internet and from making calls.
In recent news, Bobi Wine’s wife was attacked by soldiers who surrounded their house when she stepped out to get crops produce from their garden to cook.

The 38-year old singer and presidential candidate has been said to be stuck in his home with his wife and 18-month old daughter with no food. They have run out of food supplies and have now called out for help.
Concerned Ugandans have announced that they would be moving to Magere, Uganda to give Bobi Wine and his family food, irrespective of the security threat.

People across the world have taken to the internet to trend #FreeBobiWine because they really do not have any control over the situation. Africa has become a place where democracy is twisted to whatever shape suits the most powerful.
Our prayers are with Bobi Wine and his family.

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