Uganda Decides: The Ugandan government allegedly shuts down the internet.

Uganda Decides: The Ugandan government allegedly shuts down the internet.

Citizens of the republic of Uganda have come on social media to seek for the voice of other social media in other countries in amplifying the evil that their present dictator is about to carry out. President Yoweri Museveni has been in power since 1986, and now that there is supposed to be a free and fair election, he is shutting down the internet.

Shutting down the internet means the citizens are not guaranteed of a free and fair election today, being the 14th day of January, 2021. They are scared and want people to tweet about the elections on their behalf as the internet in Uganda has been disconnected, and their right to freedom of speech, taken away from them.

People around the world have come out in their numbers in support of the removal of a dictator who wants to stay in power for forty years. They have come out to condemn the unreasonable act by the current president of Uganda.

Spirits are high, and people fear that President Yoweri wouldn’t hand over power willingly, as the campaigns before the election were greeted with violence, and in a video making rounds, one of the presidential candidates, Bobi Wine’s wife was being harassed by men in uniform.

Citizens of Uganda have trooped out in their numbers to exercise their voting rights and hope that the election results are not tampered with and the dictator is removed from power.
Our prayers are with Uganda.

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