Twitter Suspends Accounts of Advocates of Money Laundering.

The social media channel, Twitter, which has been used in past and recent times to create awareness about so many issues happening in the world like #EndSARS, #BlackLivesMatter, etc has reportedly been misused.

Twitter was used by influencers months ago to push an agenda for the freedom of an alleged money launderer named Alex Saab.
Alex Saab is a Columbian businessman who has been charged with money laundering and has been in police custody at Cape Verde.

Nigerian influencers, amongst others, trended the hashtag “Free Alex Saab” in order to raise awareness about his arrest and also cause the authorities to have a rethink about his arrest and have him released.

Knowing that Nigerian Twitter influencers have great influence on the Twitter space, they were used as a tool to advocate for the money launderer’s release.

On Sunday, April 5, 2021, all their Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers were suspended. These suspended accounts were linked to the hashtag which was made to trend at the time.

Verifying news before talking about it on social media is an important thing to learn and practice.

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