Top Ten Types of Handshakes and Their Meanings.

Handshakes are courtesy. They are a way of expressing greetings and they signify a lot of things, a show of gesture if good faith as is seen in public and official places, in business and job proposals, job interviews. They send a lot of messages to the parties involved.

The kind of handshakes you give out of receive has a lot of things to say about you. Knowing what every handshake means and what it says about the person you are reaching out to will help you understand and put the knowledge to good use. It will help you make decisions and decide what kind of handshake you need.

In this article, we have given you top10 types of handshakes and their various meanings.

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‘Dead Fish’ Handshake

This is the most infamous handshake. It signifies weakness and lack of energy. Usually, there seems to be no feeling, shaking and even squeezing. When you receive this type of handshake from a person, it shows the person is weak and has low self-esteem. Some Introverts seem to show this kind of handshake.

Sweaty Palms Handshake

This is seen whenever you shake your hands with nervous people or persons under a kind of pressure and tension. The sweaty palms come when the nervous system become available overactive.

Controller Handshake

This type of handshakes is seen with sanguines and extroverts. Usually, your hand is pulled and sometimes even dragged a bit towards the person shaking you.


Also, sometimes, your hand might be moved out of position.
The people with this type of handshake are called controllers and are very responsive and dominating.


Brush Off Handshake

This is seen in persons too serious and very selfish. They seem to be focused and concentrating on themselves. They feel it is only their business and issues that matter to them.

Usually, thus handshake is quick, not ever lasting for a moment. You get the feeling your hand is tossed or shoved aside.

Two-Handed Handshake

This is a more cordial and formal type of handshake. It is usually seen or noticed with politicians, career people and sometimes business people.
It sends a message if cordiality. It is friendly, honest and warmly gestures.


However, this type of handshake has a dual meaning and interpretation.
When the left-hand stays on your hand, this shows it is an honest and sincere handshake.

Also, when the hand is resting on your shoulder, it signifies the person is trying to appeal to you, beg you or to get something from you.

Lobster Claw Handshake

This handshake is like the claw of a lobster. Usually, the person’s thumb and finger touch your palm. When you notice this, it shows, it shows the person is not comfortable with you. He does not want a closer familiarity or relationship with you.

These kinds of people hardly have a deep level of relationship and take their time to develop relationships. They take their time to receive and comprehend all about you before opening themselves up and receiving you.

Finger Vice Handshake

This is the type of handshake where the person takes hold of your fingers instead of holding your entire hand. This shows the person feels insecure with and around you.


Usually, when you try to resist or grab their hand, they sometimes seem to crush and press your fingers in order to keep you at bay.

Bone Crusher Handshake

The intimidating handshake. The person often squeezes your hand until your bones seem to cringe or rigidly squeezed. This is often painful. It is done to intimidate you.

Also, it gets worse and when you show you are intimidated or below them they will press it even harder. However, when you man up or you are not moved by their intimidation, you seem to stop cringing your hands.

Top-Handed Handshake

This is used when the person wants to show you that he/she feels or is superior to you. Usually your hand is held out in a vertical position as is the norm, however, the other person’s hand to is held out horizontally.

The Pusher Handshake

This type of handshake is an extended or elongated handshake. The person holds out his or her hand a big extended IR elongated. This will is seen in ladies especially when they don’t want you to get close to them. They need you to keep your distance and at the same time be friends.

I hope you have been enlightened on the different types of handshakes and their connotations. Thanks. Drop your comments below.

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