Newspapers are an excellent source of information about happenings and developments all over the world. Globally, people have relied on newspapers for news developments for decades. In Nigeria, newspaper stands used to be hot spots where people discuss happenings in the country and globally. Also, you may have been used to sights of vendors selling newspapers in traffic. These have drastically reduced for one major reason, the internet.

The power of the internet in the world today is massive. With the internet, news transmission is now in real-time. People can catch up with happenings all over the world with just a few clicks on their phone or computer. To catch up with the trend, top Nigerian newspapers have also set up news websites. Avid readers of these newspapers can now access their favourite newspapers online.

Here are the websites of the top Nigerian newspapers.

Business Day:

Complete Sports:

Daily Times:

Daily Trust:

Independent Newspaper:

Premium Times:


The Nation:

The National Mirror:

The  Telegraph:

The Nigerian Tribune:

The Nigerian Observer:

The Punch:

The Sun:



Top Nigeria Newspapers Websites

  • Business Day


BusinessDay is the number one newspaper in Nigeria for up-to-date business news. The paper offers an insightful analysis of the economy, government policies and business generally in Nigeria. Investors, policymakers, and managers love this newspaper.

The newspaper was first published in 2001 in Lagos. Since then, the paper has been published daily. The newspaper is distributed all over the country, even in neighbouring Ghana. Lovers of BusinessDay can catch up with the latest in the world of business in Nigeria by visiting the newspaper’s website at

  • Complete Sports


This is a daily sports newspaper published by Complete Communications Limited. Publication of Complete Sports started in 1995. Today, the newspaper is one of the most widely read in the country even though it covers mostly sports news. Complete sports is printed in Lagos and distributed around the country. The newspaper is also distributed in some parts of the Benin Republic and Cameroon.

You can get a copy of complete sports from your vendor daily or read the online version. The website to visit for the online version of complete sports is

  • Daily Times


Daily Times of Nigeria was originally founded in 1925. At a time in Nigeria, Daily Times was the country’s leading newspaper. Following its purchase by the government in 1975, the newspaper went on a steady decline. It was eventually sold to Folio Communications Limited in 2004. Publication of the newspaper has since resumed.

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To read the online version of Daily Times, visit

  • Daily Trust


Daily Trust is one of Nigeria’s leading newspapers. It was founded in 2001. Daily Trust is published by Media Trust, a privately held Nigerian newspaper publishing company which has its headquarters in Abuja. Apart from Daily Trust, other newspaper publications by Media Trust include Weekly Trust, Sunday Trust and Aminiya, a Hausa-language newspaper. Media trust also publishes a pan-African magazine called Kilimanjaro.

If you are a lover of Daily Trust newspaper, you can access the online edition of the newspaper at

  • Independent Newspaper


Independent Newspapers Limited began publication in October 2001. The company has an office in Ogba, Lagos. The company publishes the Independent daily from Monday to Friday. On Saturday, it publishes the Saturday Independent, and on Sunday, it publishes the Sunday Independent. You can catch the latest news on the Independent website at

  • Premium Times


Premium Times is a strictly online newspaper that was founded in 2011. The publisher is Premium Times Services Limited. News items covering various subjects can be read on their website. Premium Times is particularly notable for investigative journalism. Visit to read the latest Premium Times news.

  • The Guardian


The Guardian is one of Nigeria’s oldest newspapers. It was founded in 1983. It is an independent newspaper published by the Guardian Newspapers Limited. The newspaper is published in Lagos. The Guardian is published daily and enjoys much followership as it is one of the most respected newspapers in Nigeria.

If you are unable to pick up a printed edition of the Guardian, no problem. The online edition of the Guardian can be accessed at

  • The Nation


The Nation newspaper is one of the most widely read newspapers in Nigeria. It was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Lagos. The newspaper gained nationwide popularity within two years of its inception. That is largely due to its highly popular Campuslife publication on Thursdays. The publication is dedicated to student journalists and writers across the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The Nation also has an online platform where people can read the news. The link to click to access the Nation newspaper online is

  • The National Mirror
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The National Mirror, a daily newspaper published in Nigeria was founded in 2006 by Prince Emeka Obasi. Two years later, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim took over the company by acquiring 100% of the company’s shares. Apart from the daily edition of the National Mirror, there is the Saturday Mirror and Sunday Mirror. The website of the National Mirror is

  • The New Telegraph


The New Telegraph is a widely popular newspaper in Nigeria with up to 100,000 copies printed each day. The newspaper provides extensive coverage of happenings and developments in Nigeria. The newspaper targets readers all over the country as well as international audience. The website of the New Telegraph is The website features the latest news about Nigeria as published by The New Telegraph.

  • The Nigerian Tribune


The Nigerian Tribune is one of the oldest surviving newspapers in Nigeria. It dates as far back as the colonial era. Founded in 1949 by late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, the Nigerian Tribune helped to publicise Awolowo’s populist welfare programs. It also helped to defend the interests of the Yoruba ethnic group during that era. The headquarters of the Nigerian Tribune is in Ibadan, Oyo state. To read news online from the Nigerian Tribune, visit

  • The Nigerian Observer


Published in the ancient city of Benin, capital of Edo state The Nigerian Observer is enjoyed by many Nigerians. It is an old newspaper, dating back to May 1968. The newspaper is government-owned. The publisher is Bendel Newspapers Company Limited owned by the Edo state government. The newspaper has come a long way in Nigerian media and has managed to remain relevant.

News published in the Nigerian Observer covers a wide range of topics and thus appeals to a wide audience. The website of the Nigerian Observer is You can click on the link to read the latest news publications by the newspaper.

  • The Punch


The Punch Newspaper is another top Nigerian newspaper. It is an old privately owned newspaper founded by two friends in 1971/1973. The founders of Punch Newspapers James Aboderin and Sam Amuka-Pemu. Punch Newspapers started publishing as the Sunday Punch with Amuka serving as its first editor. Later in 1976, publishing of the daily newspaper The Punch started.

Since its inception, The Punch has continued to offer apolitical views on happenings in the country. This has endeared it to the heart of many Nigerians. The Punch has survived into the modern era due to its wide acceptance. By offering readers the opportunity to read news online, Punch Newspapers has shown its ability to continue to evolve.


The Sun


The Sun newspaper was founded by the Sun Media Group in 2001. Production began in January 2003 weekly but later in June of the same year, daily production started. The Sun newspaper takes after the format of the similarly named UK newspaper. The Daily Sun is published in Lagos and targets an audience of young adults. This is one of the reasons why the newspaper is one of the highest-selling newspapers in Nigeria.

The link for accessing the online edition of the Sun newspaper is



THISDAY newspaper is published by Leaders & Company Ltd. It is another of Nigeria’s top newspaper dailies that provides extensive coverage of happenings and developments across the country. The first edition of THISDAY newspaper was published on 22nd January 1995. Since then, the newspaper has been published daily to the delight of many. Lots of Nigerians enjoy catching the latest news on the pages of ThisDay newspaper.

To meet the demands of the lovers of this newspaper, an online version exists. The website of THISDAY newspaper is There you can read the latest Nigerian news on a wide range of subjects, from business, sports, governance, economy etc.

  • Vanguard


In 1983, Vanguard Media was established by Sam Amuka-Pemu and three of his friends. Sam Amuka-Pemu is also the co-founder of Punch, another top Nigerian newspaper. Vanguard Media publishes Vanguard newspaper daily from Lagos state in South-Western Nigeria. The newspaper similar to Punch also offers apolitical views on happenings in the country. This has led to it being under the hammer of the government a few times.

The online version of the Vanguard can be read at Business, Politics, and Sports are some of the major topics covered by Vanguard. You will surely find the latest news in the country on the Vanguard website.

Conclusion (Top Nigeria Newspaper Websites)

Catching up with the latest developments around us is an important part of our daily lives. Newspapers are an excellent source of news all over the world. In this article, the top Nigeria newspapers websites have been discussed for those in need of this information.

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