Top 15 Businesses For Students

Establishing a new business as a student is very important it is a great way to make some cash and earn income. This is so crucial for Nigerian students, especially where it is generally difficult and expensive to acquire education at the universities.
However, before coming up with any business idea, it is important to note and ask yourself what kind of services can you offer the general public you need to identify a gap in your area and community and how you could close this gap.
This article discusses the top business suitable for a student. However, I will be sharing some advice and tips for you to take note of
Remember you are a student. Your studies are your number 1 priority
Make sure your business is legal and does not break the rules.
Make sure your business is realistic and you have a short business plan as a guide for you
Make sure you sound-out any rules about plagiarism if you intend to sell your notes or essays.
Check whether you need a license, insurance or qualification to put any of your ideas into action before you move forward.

As a student, there is a lot of amazing and good business you could start with while studying. This is very important as this business gives you a foothold and prepares you for life after school. It will also help you not to be over-dependent on your parents.
These ideas are small business ideas which will enable you to continue your studies. Some of these businesses are offline while some are an online business. We have listed them out and explain in detail for you.

  1. Freelance writing
    As a writer and possibly an author, you can succeed and make some money by writing about topics, blogs and writing articles for your clients. This work is very easy as you work from the comfort of your home.
    Currently in our world of information, websites and blogs lookout for freelance writers who can offer their services. One way to ensure you always get contracts and job offers is to join an online community of freelance writers where you can be getting job offers and be known. You would be able to make some bucks at the comfort of your home and at your spare time.
  2. Tutoring and Teacher
    Are you intelligent, do you feel you could impact education and teach then you could make some money from tutoring as a student? Also, this is easy. You can hold your sessions and lessons in the morning, afternoon and maybe in the evening depending on what is best for you. You can also shift to the weekend if you feel that would be better for you.
    First, you could Tutor online or offline by organizing offline and online sessions for your students and you have to master the topic you are teaching. You could also offer home services especially for students and pupils who have career parents who leave you with their children at home.
    Another way this works is to organize tutorials for students on campus. Many students especially young students require help and assistance in their academics. Usually, as a higher student who has passed to a higher class, you could offer them tutorial sessions at the cost of some money.
  3. Graphic design
    Students can make income from graphic designing, building websites and logos, banners. You just need to start small and build your portfolio. Also, these jobs allow you to work at your time and from the comfort of your home. As a student interested in becoming a graphic designer, you could start handling some smaller and easier projects like the design of business cards and logos and brochures. Also through this idea, you are opportune to learn more and develop your skills like the use of Corel Draw, and Photoshop and adobe illustrator. Also try out new things on websites like Fiverr, Upwork and
  4. Photocopying and typing editing
    In the university environment is a good place to start a photocopying business or typing. As a good typist, you could help students with their assignments and projects, prepare essays. Also, you could add that with the photocopying business and help students duplicate some of their important document. You could also add others like laminating, scanning.
  5. Hair Plaiting/Styling Business
    This business is very lucrative and trending. As a student who is a hair maker and stylish, you can start a hair making business and styling even on campus. This will help to generate lots of money and profit for you to settle some of the important bills. Although this business offers services every day, you can offer your services, especially during the weekends also. This business is suitable for men and female students.
  6. Manicure and Pedicure Services
    Thankfully, this business is for male and female students and is lucrative. Many female students always fix their hair and nails, especially during the weekends. This is a good opportunity if you have this skill. Also, the way you offer your services will determine the number of clients and the jobs you get. You could also offer some home services.
  7. Barbing Salon Business
    This is a very good small business idea for students. Every day, students go to the salon to have their hair cut. As a student, you can either attach yourself to an already existing barbing salon or start your own barbing salon.
  8. Dropshipping
    Dropshipping is one of the trending businesses for students on campus. This has to do with buying products from online companies and dropping them on your online store. You could then ship it to customers who need these products and goods. All you need is a computer with internet access. You create an account with websites and companies like Amazon, Aliexpress. You also set up your store on Facebook and get traffic. You could make lots of cash by buying these products from these websites and companies and selling it to customers while you pocket the interest.
  9. Recharge card business
    As a student, you could start the sale of recharge cards. You can also start printing of card business or bulk purchasing. Generally selling and printing of recharge card is very good for students and is lucrative usually retailers sell at a higher price as that is where they make their money.
  10. Blogging
    This is another lucrative business idea for students. Usually, you need to have a topic or niche or area of life that interests you.
    With the right skills like good contents, Seo skills and keywords good traffic, your blog can gain popularity in no time.
    However, it will take time before you could start making money from your blog. Also apart from buying hosts, other things required is free like the WordPress or Blogspot.
    You could make money from blogging through Google ads and Adsense. You could also market and advertise some goods and services on your website which will earn you money.
  11. Affiliate marketing/Marketing Agent
    Another business idea for students is affiliate marketing and marketing agent. Websites like Amazon, eBay Jumia pay some percentage and interest to websites owners who run affiliate marketing on their website. Generally, how it works is that as a website owner, you create an affiliate account with these online sites and companies and place the links to some of their products on your website. Usually, when someone buys a product through your website, you will be paid some percentage. Also, you can be a marketing agent for who are always in need of agents, who can work either full-time or part-time. Your responsibility is to help people order and make a purchase. You need to let people know that you are a Jumia agent, and promoting their offers on social media.
  12. Real estate agency
    Especially as it concerns houses and accommodation around the university environment, this job is suitable for students. You help people especially students get houses they would live in. this business requires having details of information concerning houses in your area, and their availability. Also, you need to speak and convince clients very well and reach out to landlords who are giving out their houses and spaces for rent. Luckily you can start small, freelancing before going into the full time you also need to spend some cash to get a business card which should contain your contact address.
  13. Event planning
    This is suitable for students with organizational and administrative skills. This job requires flexibility and lots of confidence. Students can try out this business idea as it can always blossom in the future and time friendly most events happen during the weekends
  14. Tailoring
    Starting a tailoring business as a student is generally easy for a student who have learned the skill of sewing. By sewing clothes with excellent styles, you would make lots of money as a student. Also, try to always put on some of your beautifully designed and styled clothes made by you. This would help to advertise you.
  15. Cryptocurrency business
    Although Cryptocurrency is risky and requires lots of knowledge about how it works, it is very lucrative and requires patience. Spend time to study all about Cryptocurrency and how this business works. First of all, there are a lot of Cryptocurrencies out there in the market today with Bitcoin being the most popular. This business requires you to invest some of your cash (minimal starting capital) and give it time to mature. Usually, it pays up at a later time.
  16. Photography and Photography Business
    Students can be an amateur, enthusiast or even professional photographers. Luckily, there are lots of areas and aspects of photography you could try. I believe freelance photography is the best and most suitable for students. You can also target events and social gatherings.
    You could also start your own photography business. By buying a cheap digital camera, you could start your own photography business, photographing some special events on campus, birthdays. First, you need to market yourself, create a workshop or office where you could meet with clients, also learn the skill of photo-editing. Secondly, you need to major in one or two aspects of photography like events and wedding photography. That’s all here, but there are many business ideas for a student. Feel free to drop any idea and comment below. Thanks.

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