Yahoo boy is a term that is used to refer to internet fraudsters in Nigeria but can be extended to people who live lavish lifestyles similar to those of internet fraudsters. These people usually have no visible source of income but some of them engage in some legit businesses to cover up their shady sides.

In this piece, we will be talking about some of the biggest Yahoo boys in town. These are not your average Yahoo boys lucky to earn a few hundred dollars from defrauding people over the internet.

These set of Yahoo boys control millions of dollars and own very expensive jewelry, houses and cars that they flaunt regularly on Instagram. They are also quite famous and have had several top artistes in the country mention their names on hit tracks so you may be familiar with some of the names on this list from listening to those songs.

So who are the Top 10 Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria?

1.Ray Hushpuppi

Ray Hushpuppi is famous for his flamboyant lifestyle on social media. He is a Malaysia-based wealthy Nigerian, who is constantly in the news often for his lifestyle.

He is also a well known Gucci lover. Although Hushpuppi was born into a poor family, he has managed to turn things around for himself and is today living “large”.

Hushpuppi is not one to shy away from controversy as he has in the past had squabbles with famous celebrities such as Davido, Ice Prince, Phyno, and Kcee. He also fell out with his one time friend and fellow Yahoo boy, Mompha who also features on this list. They constantly try to outdo each other in a show of supremacy over who has more money.


2. Mompha

Mompha is a famous Lagos businessman who often posts photos of himself holding a lot of money on Instagram. He is a different breed from most of the guys on this list.

Instead of boasting about his wealth, he shares quality advice on how to succeed in business to his followers on social media.

Also, he has a known source of income that is largely responsible for his lavish lifestyle. He runs a Bureau De Change called Mompha De Change. He is a family man, and also shares photos of his son with wads of money on his profile.

Shy Boss

You would expect someone named Shy Boss to be shy but this is far from reality in the case of this rich young man. He is not shy to flaunt his wealth on social media where he commands a following of over 180,000.

His source of wealth is not known but he is definitely not your average yahoo boy with the kind of lifestyle he portrays on social media.

Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha is another Malaysia-based wealthy Nigerian who is not afraid to flaunt his wealth on social media.

His real name is Badmus Akeem. He associates with a number of celebrities with the likes of 9ice, Olamide Badoo, and Lil Kesh having mentioned his name on their songs before. He has also featured in a movie alongside top actress Toyin Abraham.

King Jide

Another famous Nigerian yahoo boy that has been mentioned on a song in the past is King Jide, also known as The Mayor of Cape Town. He resides in South Africa but exactly what he does for a living is not known.

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He first attracted public attention after he posted photo of a receipt which showed he spent 5 million naira on 1 bottle of Dom Perignon and 30 Ace. He now has a huge number of followers on social media who he blesses with photos of his lavish lifestyle.


Olusegun Akinola Opaogun is no doubt one of the Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria as he is a well known lavish spender. His followers on social media constantly enjoy photos of how he spends his money on really expensive things.

Popular musicians like Small Doctor, Reminisce and 9ice have all acknowledged him on their songs.

Aremo Gucci

You may be wondering if Aremo Gucci is affiliated with the popular brand Gucci. Well, he is a well known lover of the fashion brand which informed his decision to adopt the name Aremo Gucci.

On social media, he also command huge following where he posts pictures of his lavish spending. Apart from Gucci products, he also owns a very expensive house and cars that he flaunts regularly online.

B Naira

Adewale Adebayo aka B Naira is a Lagos born and bred successful hip-hop artiste. The graduate of geography from Unilag found fame after his song “Jasi” became a hit.

He has a fully equipped recording studio in addition to several other investments fetching him money.

Investor BJ

Investor BJ is another Nigerian yahoo boy based in Malaysia. His love for Gucci products is well documented as he claims to be the only recognized African by Gucci in Malaysia which may be true.

He was referenced by 9ice in the hit song “Living Things”. Fans of Investor BJ regularly feed on photos of him buying expensive fashion items from his beloved brand, Gucci.

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Deskid Wayne

Last on this list of Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria is Deskid Wayne. He became famous after a video emerged of him burning thousands of dollars online.

The young man is rich and doesn’t hesitate to flaunt his wealth online. He also regularly shows off his girlfriend to the admiration of his teeming followers on social media.


We have successfully run down the list of the Richest Yahoo Boys In Nigeria today. These rich men regularly flaunt their lavish lifestyle online to the admiration of some and envy of others.

Most of them have no known source of income but the fact that they are rich is not hidden. They live in expensive houses, ride expenses cars and dress in expensive clothing. It rains money anytime they grace a club with their presence which is how many of them became popular in the first place.

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