Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World

In this article, we bring to you the top 10 richest clubs in the world. Ever since football became more and than a sport, people no longer see it as only a means of entertainment. It has been added together with business to make it more meaningful and important.
In this year, we have on the list as was suspected lots of surprises.

These football clubs are the strongest especially in terms of monetary power. We would be running it down from the No 10 position.

10. Tottenham Hotspur $485.6 million

This is one of the most profitable clubs according to the Forbes magazine. They have excelled in getting the best out of cheap players bought and some academy players who have incredibly developed. Some of these players have been sold for larger fees. This is seen in the transfer of Gareth Bale for a world record fee.


They have enjoyed year-on-year revenue growth over the years thanks in large part to the lucrative broadcasting deals in the premier league. Also since moving to the Wembley stadium where they occupy temporary as their new home is built, their matchday cash has significantly increased.

9 Arsenal FC $497 million

Their wealth over the years could be traced back to their FA Cup success over the years, becoming winners for three consecutive seasons.


Founded in 1886, the club has their stadium The Emirates Stadium in Islington, North London. According to Forbes, their revenue is dropped from the previous level due to their drop from the “big four”.


8. Chelsea Football Club $573.1 million

Chelsea FC is a football club that plays in the English premier league. They have their home in Stamford Bridge, West London, England.

This is one of the most successful clubs in England in the last decade, boasting the UEFA champions league cup, FA cup, and many premier league championships.
Also, it has made huge cash from investments and sponsorship deals from Nike(technical kit), Yokohama tires and the Carabao drink.

7. Liverpool FC $582.1 million

Liverpool’s progress this year stems from their success in recent years. Ever since the appointment of Jurgen Klopp, they have improved on the pitch. Currently, they are the favorite to win this season’s premier league trophy.

They have been able to get the best out of their players and operate on an economical wage budget. Last year, they reached the UEFA champions league final. They play in the English premier league and located in Melwood.

6. Paris Saint Germain $614.13 million

They are the wealthiest and one if the most successful clubs in France. They have huge and lucrative commercial deals with Nike and Emirates. They have very wealthy owners. In the last 7 yrs, they have won league titles, cup competitions.

They have the two most expensive footballers in the world. PSG was founded in 1970 and is based in Paris. They are the sixth richest club in the world.

5. Manchester City $644.4 million

Thanks to their wealthy owners and sponsorship deals, this club is very rich. They have deals with Nike and Etihad Airways. They have also won lots of trophies in recent years. They are located in Manchester, UK. They are currently challenging for the premier and champions league.

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4. Bayern Munich $713.29 million

Bayern Munich plays in the German Bundesliga and is the most successful club in Germany. They have been very successful domestically and get lots of revenue from their 75,354 Allianz Arena.

3. Barcelona FC $706 million

They are the 3rd richest club in the world and they play in the Spanish La Liga. They have dominated the La Liga and the Copa del Ray in recent years in terms of trophies.
Also, most of their revenue is traced to their huge stadium match day revenue and sponsorship deals.

2. Real Madrid $735 million

They are the UEFA champions in the last three years, hence it is not a surprise to see them in the top 3. Although they are topped by Manchester United, their revenues and earnings are second to none. They have recently sold their world best player Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus FC.

1. Manchester United $737 million

They are the richest football club in the world at the moment with a revenue of $737 million dollars. Although they have not won many trophies in recent years, boasting only the Europa League, they have lots of sponsorship deals with Adidas, Chevrolet, AON. They also have a significantly huge match day revenue. They are based in Old Trafford and was founded in 1978.

Finally, there are lots of other wealthy clubs in the world who are in the top 20 and 100, however, we have decided to stop at the top 10 for now.
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