It is not news that Nigeria has a lot of very delicious and nutritious food delicacies. Due to the multi-ethnic nature of the country, there are lots of local dishes to enjoy from different tribes.

In this post, we will be talking about the Top 10 Best Food Blogs In Nigeria where you can learn how to prepare some of your local as well as international dishes.

These blogs have been consistent in serving food-related content to their readers over the years. You won’t be disappointed if you pay a visit to these blogs.

1. Trybbbe


Trybbbe was launched in the year 2017 as a recipe sharing platform. It allows home cooks and foodies to share their home-cooked meals with others. On the platform, you can share recipes, find recipes, discover new recipes and make delicious food from the comforts of our home kitchen.

The main focus of trybbbe has now shifted from user-generated recipes to publishing original trybbe recipes. You will find the recipe for cooking some of your favourite Nigerian dishes such as party jollof rice, pounded yam and egusi soup, yellow garri and okra soup etc. on the platform.

2. Dooney’s Kitchen Website


Dooney’s Kitchen is one of Nigeria’s top food blogs. The blog features recipe for preparing several delicacies. The blog is owned by Dunni Abata and is set to redefine and reinvent the Nigerian food wheel.

Some of the recipes you will find on the blog include recipes for preparing delicacies such as “moin moinlette”, “akara waffles”, yoodles egusi and pepper soup”. I’m sure you are already wondering if we are still talking about Nigerian foods.


3. 9ja Foodie


9jafoodie is one of the pioneers and leading food blogs in Nigeria. It was created by Ronke Edoho. On the blog, you can learn how to cook real foods such as Jollof-rice, Moi-Moi, soups and delicious stews. This blog makes it so easy to learn how to cook different Nigerian food from different tribes.

In addition to cooking tips and recipes, the blog also teaches you about healthy alternatives to regular. The blog owner Ronke is a certified nutrition and clinical weight loss specialist.

4. Afrolems by Atim


Afrolems is an African food blog but focused majorly on Nigerian foods. The blog was birthed by its own in a quest to promote her catering business in Toronto. She posted recipes on the blog to draw in visitors and then convert such to customers.

The blog has several recipes that teach you how to cook some really tasty foods. Also, there are e-books available for you to download free. Some of the recipes you should try on the blog are “burabisco recipe” and “gizzard dodo recipe”.

5. All Nigerian Foods


The blog is owned by Chy Anegbu. She started making food as far back as 1992.

Her blog was created out of the desire to inspire and inform. She understands that we all love good food but a lot of people find it difficult to prepare tasty meals. She is the author of Ultimate Nigerian Cookbook which is one of the many ways she’s inspiring Nigerians to get into the kitchen.


6. Wivestownhall


This website offers a lot more than just recipe. It is a blog designed for people to learn a lot more than just food alone. Here, you learn about Nigerian recipes, family and also get lifestyle tips. You are also updated with some news items on the blog.

In all, there are lots of quality content on this blog for you to enjoy. So it doesn’t matter if you are a foodie, a Nigerian housewife who wants to learn a new recipe, or you just need relationship advice and tips. There is something for you here. The blog is owned by Eya Ayambem.



1Q food platter is one of Nigeria’s most popular food blogs. It is owned by Iquo Ukoh, a dietitian so you can be assured you will be getting quality posts on the blog.

The blog features recipe on chicken, rice, plantain, seafood and so much more. You will also discover a collection of hearty mouthwatering recipes and foods with a healthy twist, without compromising on taste and flavour.

8. Nigerianlazychef


Owned by Nma Okpara, the blog is one of the Top 10 Food Blogs In Nigeria. Nma was very lazy growing up but thanks to her father, she became very interested in cooking hence the name Nigerianlazychef.

Don’t be deceived, Nma isn’t lazy at all. Her blog features delicious recipes for various Nigerian foods. She serves content tailored to the needs of her audience as she listens to her readers and improves constantly.

9. My Belle Don Full



Mybelledonfull is a Nigerian food blog focused on delivering “Naija cuisine for the modern cook”. The blog is owned by Affi, a high flying professional turned food blogger.

Some of the recipes you should check out on her blog are mango and avocado salsa recipe, coconut and garri crusted shrimp as well as several others.

The blog also features travel and photography apart from food and recipe development that is mainly known for.

10. Immaculate Ruému


Last on this list of Top 10 Food Blogs In Nigeria is immaculatereumu. The blog is owned by Ruému and was started in 2014.

She started blogging about food, fashion, and faith initially but she is focused solely on food and lifestyle now. She recreates and combines Nigerian foods with other local cuisines.

She also takes feedback from her audience and focuses on food that her audience ask about.


There are lots of quality food blogs out there offering prime content on local cuisines. These are just a few that stand out which is why they are featured on this list. Next time you want to try out something new in your kitchen, head to any of these blogs and pick a recipe.

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