It is no longer news that ready jobs are not easy to come by in Nigeria currently. People now have to dig deep within themselves and create something to earn some money. Being an entrepreneur is the way to go in Nigeria today. If you are looking for some easy to start businesses that require little or no income to set up, you are in the right place. However, you should bear in mind that the success or otherwise of a business depends on the entrepreneur. Lack of persistence, determination and hard work are some of the reasons why lots of potential multi-million dollar businesses close within the first three years.

Delivery Company

There are lots of companies and small businesses who now sell goods and products online and need to deliver these products and goods to the buyers. As a delivery company, you help to bridge the gap. All you need is one delivery machine to start with and then the success of your company depends on how effective your marketing is. If your marketing strategy is effective, you could grow your business greatly in little time. You can even operate within a certain area to make your operations more effective if you feel you would not be able to serve a large territory.

Foodstuff business/ Online Food Vendor

Sales of food is one business that can never go out of vogue. There is always the need for people to feed. With a little capital, you can open a shop and start selling food items. Trust me, there is always a market for this business. You can even go modern by becoming an online food vendor. With current trends, you can even sell food items online especially if you live in areas like Lagos. Palm oil, Ijebu garri, locust beans and the likes are some good products that there is a huge market for. You can sell these online.

Mini importation

This business has been around for a while and many people have made money off it. There is still opportunity for you to get in too. You important products that are in demand here in Nigeria and sell. There are lots of e-books and online articles available to guide you if you are interested in this business.



Photography is quite an interesting field for those who have an eye for it. There is always a market for this business and there can never be enough photographers to serve the huge market available in Nigeria. E-commerce, small online businesses, blogs, fashion designers, boutiques and lots of other businesses cannot be run without the input of photographers. There are opportunities for you to also sell your custom images on platforms such as and others.


Dry cleaning is another business with huge potential in Nigeria. Two main reason why this business sells in Nigeria are: the vast population and the fact that people are becoming increasingly busy these days and have no time to do laundry themselves. Some things to help you flourish in this business are; good packaging, basic marketing skills to get the word out about your business and also, consistency and professionalism. If you are able to apply these, your business is certain to flourish. If you are looking for a profitable low capital business to start, laundry business is a good pick.

Makeup Business

You think makeup business in Nigeria is already over saturated, right? Well, you are wrong. There is still a huge market for makeup business that you can explore. The females are not joking with their looks at all. They all want to look glamorous. You can look around for some segments that are either undeserved or not well served and latch on to those. Also, there are some sides to makeup business that you may want to provide solutions for. For example, you may choose to start your own eyelashes line. You can also serve makeup artists by importing makeup products and selling at lower prices than they are being sold currently. You can also deal in hygienic aspect of makeup. There are lots of potentials, you just need to find where best you can gain advantage and make some cool money.


Graphic design

Graphic design is one huge business that can fetch you good money for a very low investment. Graphic artists are some of the most sought-after professionals in the country currently. With basic knowledge of CorelDraw, you can get little gigs here and there. However, to become established as a professional graphic designer, you will need to hone your skills. Graphic artists get jobs from big brands as well as smaller businesses so there is constant demand for their services. These businesses require graphic artists’ branding services. They design company cards, brand logos, flyers and so on. You can make a stake for your share of the market today! Fashion design

For a country as populated as Nigeria, there will always be market for fashion designing. You may think this business is already saturated but really, there are lots of opportunities available in the industry. Technology has not really been leveraged in this industry and this provides an opportunity for you to penetrate this industry. For example, you could offer a service that allows people to walk in, have their measurements taken and their clothe sown and delivered to them at a place of their choosing within 24hours. That’s surely something to ponder on isn’t it? You can come up with other innovative ways that will allow you penetrate this industry easily.


Blogging? Certainly yes. You are gaining this vital information from a blog. To be more specific, Niche blogging is the big deal in blogging. Niche blogging means narrowing down your blog to a particular focus such as school admission and scholarship, kids fashion blog, work from home tips etc. Some niches are already saturated and may be difficult to penetrate. Niches such as gossip, entertainment and news blog will require more hard work than others for you to make it. With consistency, frequency of posts and great SEO expertise, your posts will start ranking without influencing it. The more traffic you are able to drive to your blog, the higher your chances of success with it. A good way to monetize your blog is Google AdSense. Google will display paid adverts on your blog and when people click on them, you get paid. Before applying to join the Google AdSense program, ensure your blog meets all the requirements of Google for the program else your application may be rejected. You can also sell advert space on your blog to those who are interested in advertising to your audience. Other ways to make money from blogging are; affiliate marketing, paid posts or product reviews, e-books and so on.


Web Developer

Web development is one business that is not going anywhere anytime soon. Those who learnt to code years ago are today reaping the benefits. There is still enough opportunity for you to join in. There are lots of opportunities for those interested in this business and you can make some cool money by joining in today.

A bonus business I will add to this list of top ten businesses to start with little or no capital is Skin care business.

Skin care business

There is a sudden interest in organic skincare in Nigeria these days. These days, Nigerians show much more concern about their skin and anything organic; organic hair, organic food, organic skin care and all. You can cash in on this and make some cool money. There are several local skin care brands in Nigeria currently but just a few of them dominate the industry. There are two sides to going into skin care business, one is to go into manufacturing the products yourself, two is to market and sell products of an already established company. Either way, you are bound to make some money.


Looking to start a new business this year but you have little or no capital? The businesses listed in this article can easily be set up with little or no capital required. You can then steadily grow your business.

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