Toke Makinwa Throws Shade at Man.

Social media personality and feminist, Toke Makinwa throws shade at unknown man.
The said man has been said to always bash people for issues, even ones unverified.

Toke Makinwa who has always been on the news for various reasons, both shameful and dignifying, and has always gotten all forms of trolling from people online, has taken to her official Twitter page @tokstarr to laugh at this man whose name she didn’t mention.

In her tweets, she said “Ohhh so there is dirt on that guy that constantly abuses women and calls us trash????? I’m hoping for his sake that it’s not true, but then I guess now he knows how it feels to have untrue things said about you, he knows now how it feels to be judged via a false story. 😂😂😂”
This followed by several other tweets still referring to this person.

People have said that the person she is referring to in her tweets is Reno Omokri, but this remains uncertain because she hasn’t come out to state the name of the person whom she was referring to.

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