Three Women Discover They Are Dating One Man.

In the spirit of Valentine, people have been doing Public Display of Affection (PDA) on social media and showing off their partners and telling the world about how much love they have for them. It is fast becoming a norm that people post pictures of them all boo’d up with their partners.
Times are evolving and people no longer have to meet first before dating, so the relationships that start off online are fast becoming a norm. Posts like these people emotional and wishing they had someone to share their life with.
This fashion takes a turn as three women discover that they are not the only ones dating one man.
The first lady was innocently showing off her man saying “we met on Twitter❤”, then the unexpected happened.

Instead of fighting and tearing each other’s clothes like women are known to do, the second lady quoted her tweet with two pictures of herself with the same man with the caption so did we”.
When we thought we had seen it all, the third lady also quoted it, saying “small world. Us too.”
Times have evolved and women have desisted from fighting each other and learning to take things as they come.
People await reaction from the man and look forward to seeing the and of this matter.

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