The Wellingtons Share Testimony of Childbirth.

Popular celebrity couple, Banky W and Adesua Etomi-Wellington, who have been married for over three years and only recently shared news of their newborn with a new song titled Final Say.

The couple whose wedding was a talk of the town and was even written into a movie have long been pressurized to give birth to children.
People on social media spread rumours about the couple; some said Adesua was barren, others said Banky W was impotent.
These comments obviously weighed the couple down while they fought their silent battles.

After getting their miracle child whom they named Zaya, the couple thought it wise and necessary to share their testimony in church. This testimony was recorded and posted on Banky W’s official YouTube channel.
In this video, Adesua revealed that she had to share this testimony with her husband because she made a promise to God to do so.

They revealed that they have been pregnant twice; the first was a set of twins and the second was through IVF. They lost both pregnancies, but they remained strong in their faith.
They further revealed that the doctors diagnosed her with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) which made childbirth complicated.
They had to give up at the point where the second IVF was messing her body system up. According to her, she now has veins that no longer function, which is an effect of the IVF.

Adesua stated that she got pregnant with Zaya after two and half years of stopping IVF. She declared that God did it for them.

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Congratulations to the Wellingtons.

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