“The pigeons recognized bad governance and refused to fly”, Nigerians say.

Every 15th day of January is tagged Armed Forces Remembrance Day in Nigeria.
It’s a day when every fallen hero in the Nigerian Armed Forces are remembered and praised for their unending loyalty to the nation.
On this day, every Nigerian remembers every member of the Armed Forces who died at the warfront. They sing their praises as it’s a respect to them.

However, this year’s remembrance came with a huge difference as the pigeons President Muhammad Buhari released from the cage refused to fly.
It is a tradition that on every day of remembrance, pigeons are released from a cage into the air in homage to the lost soldiers.
In a video of the president and other people around, he opens the cage and uses his hand to send one of the pigeons out. It refused to fly away, neither did the others in the cage.

This has stirred emotions amongst Nigerians as they pour out their frustrations as Nigerians living in Nigeria. They claim that the pigeons have joined in protesting against bad governance.
Others say that the pigeons refused to be part of the ridiculous act, as the president who has the blood of Lekki protesters on his hands expects the eagles to fly in honour of members of the Armed Forces who went and fired live ammunitions at peaceful protesters.

Watch the video here.

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