The Nigerian Army is one of the 3 arms of the Nigerian Military with the Nigerian Air force and the Nigerian Navy being the other two.

The Nigerian Military is charged with the task of maintaining the territorial integrity of the country and also defend it against both internal and external threats. The role of the army, therefore, cannot be overemphasized as it is the component of the Nigerian Military charged with defending the country on land. They are authorized to apply deadly force in order to protect the interest of the state and its citizens.

The army is the largest component of the Nigerian Military, boasting of over 100,000 well-trained and well-equipped personnel.

The Nigerian Army is reputed to be one of the best on the African continent and has been involved in several peacekeeping operations across the continent. These peacekeeping operations help restore peace in troubled parts of the African continent.

Duties of the Nigerian Army

As mentioned earlier, the main duty of the army and the Nigerian Military as a whole is to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria and also defend the State and its citizens against both internal and external threats. So when expanded, duties of the Nigerian Army include the following:

Law enforcement, Base Security, Humanitarian missions, Enemy targets engaging, Supplies and troops transportations.

The Ranks of the Nigerian Army

Personnel of the Nigerian Army have ranks which shows seniority in the force. They are ranked based on qualifications, years of experience and competence.

The Nigerian army is divided into two categories. The Non-Commissioned officers and The Commissioned officers. The Non-commissioned officers have ranks which are different from those of the Commissioned officers.

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The non-commissioned officers are men of the Nigerian Army who have not earned a commission (a formal document which appoints one to a commissioned officer).

There are 8 ranks that non-commissioned personnel of the Nigerian Army can attain, and these are listed below, from the highest to the lowest.

  • Master Warrant Officer
  • Warrant Officer
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Sergeant
  • Corporal
  • Lance Corporal
  • Private
  • Recruit

For the Commissioned Officers, there are a total of 11 attainable ranks. These are also listed from the highest to the lowest.

Field Marshal:

Field Marshal is the highest attainable rank in the Nigerian military, although there is no evidence that any officer of the Nigerian Army has ever attained this rank.The rank is denoted by five-stars.


The rank of General is the highest rank ever attained by a Nigerian Army personnel. The rank is signified by four-stars but ranked as nine by NATO.

Some notable former Generals of the Nigerian Army include the current President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari and former President, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Lieutenant General:

A Lieutenant General is a high commissioned officer. It is a three-star rank in Nigeria and indicated as eight by NATO.

Major General:

The two-star General. The rank of Major General rank is a medium commissioned officer. In Nigeria, it is ranked with two stars while NATO ranks it as seven.

Brigadier General:

The least of the General ranks. The Brigadier General is ranked with a single star. NATO indicates the rank by number six.


A colonel is a lower level commissioned officer. The Rank is the highest for a field officer. NATO ranks it as five.

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Lieutenant Colonel:

The Lieutenant Colonel is subordinate to the Colonel. It’s a middle-level field officer rank and is ranked four by NATO.


The rank of Major is a lower category of the field officer. It is ranked as three by NATO.


The rank of Captain is the highest rank in the tactical troops. NATO ranks it as two.

First Lieutenant:

The rank of First Lieutenant is subordinate to the Captain. It is an intermediate superior rank. NATO ranks it as one.

Second Lieutenant:

The second Lieutenant is subordinate to the First Lieutenant although they both have the same NATO ranking of one.

Salary structure of the Nigerian Army

As expected, the higher the rank of a Nigerian Army officer, the higher his/her salary. The salaries of each rank of the Nigerian Army for both Commissioned and Non-commissioned officers are provided below.

For Non-commissioned officers, the salaries earned by each rank are listed below in decreasing order of seniority.

Master Warrant Officer – N90,000

An officer of the rank of Master Warrant Officer earns a monthly salary of N90, 000. This is the highest rank for a non-commissioned officer of the Nigerian Army.

Warrant Officer – N80,000

A Warrant Officer earns a monthly pay of 80,000.

Staff Sergeant – N68,000

A Staff Sergeant earns a take-home pay of N68, 000 every month.

Sergeant – N63,000

A Sergeant takes home N63, 000 monthly for his/her efforts.

Corporal – N58,000

A Corporal is entitled to a monthly salary of N58, 000.

Lance Corporal – N54, 000 – N55, 000.

A Lance Corporal earns between N54,000-55,000 monthly

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Private Soldier N48, 000 – N49, 000.

A Private Soldier of the Nigerian Army earns between N48,000-49,000 monthly.

The Salaries of Commissioned Officers of the Nigerian Army Are:

Field Marshall –

The salary of a Field Marshall in Nigeria is unknown as no officer of the Nigerian Army has ever attained the rank.

It is certain that it will be more than the N1.5 million monthly salary earned by an officer of the rank of General.

General –

A General takes home nothing less than N1.5 million monthly. The rank is currently the highest ever attained by any personnel of the Nigerian Army.

Lieutenant General –

An officer of the rank of Lieutenant General earns N1 million as his monthly salary.

Major General –

A Major General is paid N950,000 monthly.

Brigadier General –

An officer that has attained the rank of Brigadier General should expect to be paid a monthly salary of at least N750,000.

Colonel –

For a Colonel in Nigeria, the monthly salary earned is N550,000.

Lieutenant Colonel –

The sum of N350,000 is paid monthly to a Lieutenant Colonel.

Major –

A Major earns N300,000 monthly for his work.

Captain –

A Captain is paid N220,000 monthly.

Lieutenant –

A Lieutenant earns a salary of N180,000 monthly.

Second Lieutenant –

A Second Lieutenant is paid N180,000 monthly as salary.


This article has discussed the salary structure of the Nigerian Army, with the amount earned by officers of each rank of the Nigerian Army duly stated. Each rank has its responsibilities and salaries are paid accordingly as the more your responsibilities, the more your salary.

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