Nigeria, one of Africa’s most important nations is divided into 36 states and 1 territory. Every state in Nigeria is blessed with abundant natural resources which are exploited for the growth and development of the country. When it comes to development, one state that leads the pack in Nigeria is Lagos. Lagos was formerly the seat of government before that honour fell on Abuja. Lagos is both the commercial and economic capital of Nigeria. Apart from Lagos, several other states in Nigeria are doing great in terms of development. Here are the top 10 most developed states in Nigeria ranked in no particular order.

  1. Lagos State

Lagos state is one of the most developed states in Nigeria for obvious reason. It has the most economic pull and is home to many of the country’s developmental projects. Several companies operating in Nigeria have their head office in Lagos. Lagos also is home to one of the busiest airports in Nigeria and also the country’s main seaport. These underscore the importance of Lagos to Nigeria and why it is one of the most developed states in Nigeria. The Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of Lagos dwarfs that of most other states.

  • Rivers State

Rivers state is one of the major oil-producing states in Nigeria. It is one of the few states that are close to Lagos in terms of Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). The state is home to several companies especially those operating within the oil and gas sector. The state capital, Port Harcourt is ranked as one of the finest Nigerian cities. Without a doubt, Rivers state is benefiting greatly from the oil and gas industry and the money is being utilized judiciously in developing the state.

  • Kano State

Kano state is another highly commercial state in Nigeria. It is the leading state in northern Nigeria in so many areas. The last population census held in Nigeria in 2006 puts the population of Kano at over 9.2 million, making it the most populated state in Nigeria. The state thrives on commerce with agricultural products being some of the most important. Groundnut is the major agricultural produce in Kano with rice, millet, and pepper as some other popular ones. Some of these products are consumed locally while others are exported to neighbouring countries like Niger. Kano is also popular for leather and textile materials. The state is easily ranked as the most developed in Nigeria’s north.

  • Anambra State

Anambra is a top state in many areas. The state is blessed with an abundance of natural resources which have aided its development. A tour of the state will reveal appreciable infrastructural development. The state is also one of the top states in Nigeria in terms of education. Those that are familiar with the state will no doubt agree that it is one of the most developed states in Nigeria.

  • Kaduna State

Kaduna state also in Nigeria’s northern region ranks as one of the most developed in the country. After Kano in Nigeria’s north, Kaduna is next. The state is notable for commerce and agriculture. It also has significant mineral deposits.

  • 0gun State

Ogun state is another state that you would expect to find on a list of most developed states in Nigeria. The state is very close to Lagos and uses this to its advantage. A lot of the companies that are headquartered in Lagos have their production facilities in Ogun state. Thus, Ogun state is one of the most industrialized states in Nigeria. The state also has one of the highest Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of states in Nigeria. This has translated into developmental projects that have lifted the state, making it one of the most developed in Nigeria today.

  • Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom state is another oil-rich state in Nigeria’s Niger-Delta region. Successive governments in the state have done to improve the state in terms of infrastructure and quality of living of the people. The state capital Uyo is one of Nigeria’s most beautiful cities and hosts the Godswill Akpabio stadium which is arguably the best stadium facility in Nigeria today. The state has an outstanding GDP growth owing to its oil deposit currently being exploited as well as other minerals.

  • Oyo State

The capital of Oyo State, Ibadan is the largest city in West Africa and the second-largest in Africa. In 2018, Oyo state had the 4th largest economy of all states in Nigeria. This is a testament to the state’s growing industrialization drive. More companies are moving into Oyo state because of the ease of doing business in the state, its fast pace of development and favourable government policy. There is a rapid growth of the mining industry in Oyo state as the state is blessed with an abundance of mineral deposit

  • Enugu State

Enugu state is one of the most developed states in Nigeria. It is located in Nigeria’s eastern region. The capital city Enugu is popularly called the coal city, paying tribute to the city’s most abundant mineral resource. The state is business-friendly as a lot of commercial activities take place across the state daily.

  1. Abia State

Umuahia may be the capital of Abia state but its commercial capital is Aba, home to the popular Ariairia International market. Lots of industrial activities take place in the state and this has contributed significantly to its progress. Textile materials, footwears and cement are some of the things being produced in Abia state.


Conclusion (The Most Developed State in Nigeria)

For the most developed state in Nigeria, look no further than Lagos, the country’s economic hub. In reality, not all states can develop at the same rate but all Nigerian states are developing at a good rate. Other states that rank well in terms of development are also covered in this post. These include the oil-rich Rivers state, the industrial Abia state and the commercial Kano state. That concludes it on the most developed state in Nigeria.

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