Taxify, the popular international ride-hailing service provider now known as Bolt is fully operational in some major Nigerian cities. Many drivers are already on the platform earning good money for their services. More people are also signing up on the platform and this has led to some people wondering what the current Taxify car requirements are in Nigeria. Well, the answers to all your questions are provided here.

Taxify Car Requirements In Nigeria

You are likely to be aware that Taxify does not provide cars for its drivers. If you do not know this already, now you do. It is the drivers who apply to the platform with their cars. Any car that will be accepted must meet certain requirements as laid out by Taxify. These requirements are;

  1. The car must be in good working condition and the air conditioning system must be working.
  2. The car must be a 4-door sedan or SUV. 2-door Sedans and hatchbacks are not accepted.
  3. The car must be at least a 2013 model.
  4. The car must be able to sit four passengers comfortably.

The driver must also provide the following documents for the vehicle:

  1. Vehicle license
  2. Insurance certificate
  3. Proof of ownership
  4. Certificate of Road-Worthiness
  5. AutoGenius Vehicle Inspection Report

The cars listed below all meet Taxify specifications and are suitable for use as Taxify (Bolt) cabs.


Ford Escape

Honda CR-V

Hyundai Tucson

Jeep Compass MK49

Jeep Patriot

Mazda CX-5

Mitsubishi Outlander

Toyota RAV 4

Sedan/Saloon cars

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai Genesis

Hyundai loniq

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Veloster


Toyota Avensis

Toyota Camry

Toyota Yaris

Note that the list is not exhaustive and there are other cars not listed here that also meet the qualifications for Taxify operations. If your car meets all these requirements, then it can be accepted as a Taxify cab. There are requirements for drivers who want to join the platform too.

Taxify Driver Requirements

A driver applying to Taxify (Bolt) must meet the following requirements;

  1. Must possess a valid driver’s license
  2. Attend driver training for service quality and use of the Taxify (Bolt) application
  3. Must have no criminal record
  4. Must have a smartphone with GPS

If you are considering working for Taxify, and you have a car that meets all these requirements don’t hesitate to send in your application. Make sure that you also meet the driver requirements to ensure the success of your application.

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