Son of Homophobic Nigerian Politician Publicly Declares he is Gay.

Doyin Okupe, a former senior special assistant to former President Goodluck Jonathan on public affairs has been left heartbroken as his son openly declared that he is gay on his new Instagram post where he is barechested, wearing a rainblow coloured shorts and carrying a rainbow flag, which signifies the LGBTQ community.

He is shocked and almost dumbfounded by the news. He believes that his son’s choice is due to a spiritual problem. He then prays for him and hopes that God would do a miracle in his life.
He declares that eventually, it would end in praise.

He adds that he named his son Moba Oluwa Rin(I walk with God), and this was 27 years ago when he gave his life to Christ.
He quotes Isaiah 59 verse 1 of the Bible as he prays that God redeems his son from his life choice.

Nigerians have mocked Doyin for taking homosexuality as a spiritual issue because it is his son, when in actual reality, the government of Nigeria frowns at it and has a jail term of fourteen years for whoever is caught guilty of homosexuality.

His son, Bolu, has replied a homophobic Kenyan who went under his “Yes, I’m Gay AF” post to say he would’ve been dead if he was in Kenya. He tells him about how hypocritical it is for a Christian to wish death upon another person simply because of their sexual orientation, and proceeds to school him about the birth of Christianity in Africa.

Bolu is currently in France and has recently completed his masters degree in International management from NEOMA business school, France.

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