Soldiers Take Over Lekki Tollgate.

People who frequent the popular Lekki tollgate that links to Lagos island have sent warning messages to everyone who still has the intentions of going out to protest today, being the 13th day of February, 2021.

Last week, fliers were designed and printed in order to create awareness about a fresh protest against the reopening of Lekki tollgate. Recall that the massacre on February 20, 2020 marked the end of the series of protests that were being held.
News circulated that the Lekki tollgate was ready to function again, and it got concerned Nigerians angry. They believe allowing the tollgate function again would make the deaths of the loyal compatriots go in vain.

Concerned Nigerians have warned everyone against going to Lekki tollgate with the intentions of protesting, as tons of armed men have been deployed to secure the place. They advise that they calm down and watch the waters, as going there to protest today is like setting themselves up for untimely death.

Many people agree that it would be a really unwise decision to go for a protest where there are already stationed armed men waiting to pull the trigger at anyone who tries to stop the reopening the tollgate. Others think they should still go in their numbers and put a stop to the injustice, but really, it isn’t wise to do such, as they can’t use their voice against armed men.

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