Shoprite Staff Protest Nationwide.

The staff of the most popular grocery store in Nigeria, Shoprite have been on a protest for thirteen days so far.
They have not relented in making their demands known to the public and to the management.

Shoprite Holdings Limiter, which originally a South African owned brand, is set to leave Nigeria due to the unfavourable economic conditions in Nigeria.
This was announced months ago and it felt like a joke to many, but with the recent developments, Nigerians have seen that it is no child’s play.

The staff are asking that their job contracts should remain unterminated. This is because laying them off like that would be releasing them into the fangs of unemployment. They want to be paid gratuities for all the time they spent serving diligently at the store.
They state that selling the business without settling them and paying them off is injustice and unfair to them.

They have shut down Shoprite and protested for all and sundry to hear their voices, in hopes that their cries would be heard and the management would act accordingly.

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