Schools Reopening: Unical Student Posts a List Including “New VC Welcoming Fee”

A student of the University of Calabar, Cross river has posted a list which he would present to his father upon returning to school.

Schools have been closed for close to one year due to the pandemic and ASUU strike.
The student businessman has come to show how he intends to make money off his father before returning to school. This is after a long year without a “source of income”.

The young man publicly states that school is his hustle. The list is filled with a number of ridiculous headers that would take a high level of gullibility to be deceived by.

One of the items on the list has caused an uproar of laughter on social media because it sounds too false to be included on the list. “New VC welcoming fee” is something that doesn’t exist, and sounds very funny to everyone who has heard it.

It is quite obvious that his father is very well to do and is not really learned, because no one should be deceived by such a list.

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