Roman Goddess is a curvy Nigerian Instagram model, actress, brand influencer & socialite. She became famous for flaunting her curves & heavy bosoms on Instagram. Currently, she is popular within the Lagos social circle. Often, Roman Goddess is compared to Cossy Orjiakor, another Nigerian famous for flaunting her gigantic breasts.

As a result of her fame, many people are interested in knowing more about Roman Goddess Nigeria. This has resulted in lots of searches related to her on search engines. This post will provide the latest information about this now-famous actress & socialite.

Roman Goddess Nigeria Biography

You most certainly have heard about Roman Goddess especially if you are an ardent user of social media in Nigeria. She is famous for her lifestyle & is regularly in the news. Roman Goddess became popular through Instagram where she regularly posts pictures & videos of her curvy body & large bosoms. She is very popular within the Lagos social circle now. It is quite interesting that as famous as she is now, not much about her is in the public domain.

It is not known what her real name is as everyone just refers to her as Roman Goddess. Other details such as her age, where she was born, her parents, siblings & so on are also not available. It will interest you to know that despite her lifestyle & antics, Roman Goddess is married. Details of her marriage & who she is married to will be revealed in another section of this post.


Roman Goddess Real Name

Her real name is currently not known. She is only referred to as Roman Goddess in all available publications about her for now. When we find out her real name, it will be provided here.

Roman Goddess Nigeria Age

Roman Goddess Nigeria age is not publicly available for now. When we know her real age, it will be provided on this page.

Nigerian Roman Goddess Pictures

There are lots of Roman Goddess Nigeria pictures on the internet. She became famous for posting her pictures on social media & she hasn’t stopped. Here are some pictures of Roman Goddess Nigeria.

You can find more pictures of her on her Instagram page. Her Instagram handle is @romangoddess1. You can click here to visit her Instagram page directly.

Roman Goddess Nigeria Instagram

Instagram is the social media platform that contributed the most to the rise of Roman Goddess Nigeria. She currently has over 450k users on the platform. She regularly posts pictures of her showcasing her massive breasts & derriere. Her posts on the platform, for now, stands at over 550. Her Instagram handle is @romangoddess1 but you click here to visit her Instagram page directly.

Roman Goddess Nigeria Twitter

It appears the Instagram Celebrity doesn’t run a Twitter account for now. She’s probably sticking to Instagram where she commands a sizeable following. Details of her Twitter handle will be provided if & when she decides to open an account on the platform.

Is Roman Goddess Married?

Yes, the Instagram celeb, actress, socialite & brand influencer is married. She got married to her husband Erling Carlos about 2 years ago after they got engaged in Dubai. The couple had a traditional marriage ceremony here in Nigeria. You can find pictures from that ceremony on her Instagram page.


Roman Goddess Husband

The name of Roman Goddess Husband is Erling Carlos. He is based in Dubai where he proposed to Roman Goddess. The couple later had a traditional wedding in Nigeria.

Roman Goddess Controversies

Given her lifestyle, it is inevitable that controversies will trail her. Often she has been quizzed on whether she went under the knife to achieve her curvaceous body. She has vehemently refuted this stating clearly that her body is all-natural. She once shared past pictures of her dating back to 10 years ago to her support her claim.

There have also been cases of people getting scammed by fraudsters pretending to her. These fraudsters create online profiles using her images to defraud unsuspecting members of the public. This development does not make her happy but there isn’t much she can do. Members of the public are advised to be careful to avoid falling victim.

Dino Melaye and Roman Goddess Nigeria

Roman Goddess became embroiled in another controversy recently. She shared a video of her visit to former senator Dino Melaye in his hotel room on social media. She posted the video, referring to the Senator as her “uncle & daddy”.  This generated a lot of comment on social media regarding the purpose of the visit. The senator took offence & demanded that she apologized.

Roman Goddess posted a public apology to the senator via her Instagram handle. The Instagram celeb stated that she wasn’t trying to jeopardize his image as a public figure. She then apologized for any inconveniences her action may have caused the senator.

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The senator accepted her apology but not without taking a jibe at her. He told her to take a loan from brain bank next time.

Conclusion (Roman Goddess Nigeria)

Social media has helped to create a new wave of celebrities. One of the beneficiaries of this in Nigeria is Roman Goddess. She became famous through her use of Instagram where she regularly posts pictures of her curvaceous body to her followers. She currently has over 450k followers on the platform which is quite remarkable.

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