A lot of people are curious as to who is the richest kid in Nigeria. There are lots of children in Nigeria that are born into wealthy homes. Also, several others have started earning money with their talents at a young age. But which Nigerian kid holds the title of richest kid in Nigeria? Find out below.

Richest Kid In Nigeria

The richest kid in Nigeria currently is Muhammed Lawal Mustapha aka Mompha Junior.

Muhammed Lawal Mustapha aka Mompha Junior

He is the son of famous Nigerian businessman Ismaila Mustapha aka Mompha. Ismaila is the CEO of Mompha Bureau De Change. Mompha Bureau De Change is one of the leading Bureau De Change in Africa, handling millions of transactions yearly.

Mompha is estimated to be worth around $15 million although he claims he is worth at least $50 million. He owns expensive cars and lives in a luxurious home, attesting to his affluence. He is known to showcase his wealth on social media occasionally.

As a result of being the son of Mompha, one of Nigeria’s richest men, Mompha Junior is quite rich. He has a significant amount of wealth though he is still a kid. The net worth of Mompha junior is estimated to be around #500 million currently. That makes him the richest kid in Nigeria as of now.

There are still some other very rich kids in Nigeria worthy of mention in this article. They are quite rich but not as rich as Mompha Junior. We shall discuss 9 of them, plus Mompha Junior to make up the top 10 richest kids in Nigeria.

Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuella Samuel is a popular child comedian of the Mark Angel comedy series on YouTube. She is popular referred to as Emmanuella. Her date of birth is 22nd July, 2010. She was born in Port Harcourt, Rivers State but is a native of Imo State.

Her first appearance in the comedy series was on episode 34, titled “Who Mess?” in 2015. Due to Emmanuella’s performances, the Mark Angel comedy channel on YouTube became very popular. The channel was the first owned by a Nigerian on YouTube to hit 1 million subscribers. Emmanuella became famous following her excellent acting in an episode title “This Is Not My Real Face Oh”. In the skit, she made jokes about her headmistress to her colleagues unaware that one of her listeners was the headmistress’s daughter.


In 2018, Emmanuella landed a role in a Disney film and earned a lot of accolades as a result. She was invited to the National Assembly by Senator Bukola Saraki who was the Senate President. She has also received several other awards and recognitions for her works.

Emmanuella is currently a student of Brighton Gate Academy in Port Harcourt. She recently built a house for her family to live in. Her current net worth is estimated to be around #50 million. You can check out her comedy videos on YouTube by following this link.

Amarachi Uyanne

Amarachi Uyanne was born on July 17th, 2004. That means she is currently 16 years old. She is a native of Delta State but grew up in Edo State. Amarachi is a highly talented teenager who won the maiden edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent. She is a singer, dancer, and violinist.

For winning the maiden edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent in 2012, Amarachi was awarded a cash price of #10 million. She was then dubbed the “youngest millionaire in Nigeria”. Amarachi started dancing when she was just 5 years old. The hard work paid off when she won Nigeria’s Got Talent as a youngster.

Amarachi is currently a studying at Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. She graduated from secondary school in 2019. She had her secondary education at University Preparatory School in Benin City.

After her win in 2012, Amarachi has released 2 songs both of which were well received and enjoyed massive airplay. She runs the Amarachi Talent Academy where young children with musical and dance talents are nurtured. Amarachi’s net worth is estimated to be around #35 million currently.

Ozzy Bosco

Ozzy Bosco was born Oziomachukwu Mojekwu. He was born on the 7th of January 2007 in Lagos. Ozzy Bosco has lived all his life in Lagos although he is originally from Anambra State.

His singing talent manifested at a very young age. His parents have since been nurturing him to become a global music superstar. He has released several songs and featured top musicians in the country.

Ozzy has graced the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, earning a standing ovation from the audience. He has performed for several eminent personalities in the country including former President Goodluck Jonathan.


He has received several awards in recognition of his talent. Apart from singing, Ozzy has tried his hands at acting showing how versatile he is at such a young age. He is estimated to be worth about #30 million currently.

DJ Young Money

DJ Young Money is a highly talented Nigerian Disc Jockey taking after his father. He is the son of DJ Emmy Black. Now 13, DJ Young Money has achieved so much in his career so far.

One of the highlights of his career so far is performing at the birthday of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Tinubu is one of Nigeria’s strongest politician, a one-time governor of Lagos state, and national leader of the ruling party in Nigeria.  The performance of DJ Young Money at the occasion earned him praises from Akinwumi Ambode, then governor of Lagos State.

DJ Young Money is currently signed under K-Nation Entertainment. He bagged a deal with the record label in 2016 when his talent became obvious. His net worth is estimated to be in the region of #20 million. This makes him one of the richest kids in Nigeria.

Egypt Ify Ufele

Ify Ufele is a young Nigerian fashion designer who owns ChubbiLine. Her fashion line makes clothes for all sizes and shapes. Ify delved into fashion design at a young after she was bullied for her weight. Her grandmother taught her how to sew from when she was just 3 years old.

Ify is today an internationally recognized fashion designed. She skillfully integrates African fabrics into her designs. Her works have been showcased at the New York Fashion Week.

Despite her success as a fashion designer, Ify still aspires to become a structural engineer. Her net worth is estimated to be #15 million.

Ahmed Star Boy

Ahmed is the young prodigy of you guess who, Wizkid. Wizkid, also known as Starboy is one of the greatest Nigerian musicians ever. Ahmed introduced himself to the world with his performance at the homecoming concert of Wizkid in December 2017. His performance that night was electrifying as the audience was thrilled. This led to Wizkid signing him to his label while he also promised the young man the cash sum of #10 million.

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Destiny Boy

Destiny Boy is a Fuji-pop sensation. He was born Afeez Adesina. He is from Agege area of Lagos. Destiny boy’s style of music is hugely influenced by Fuju music which he grew up listening to. He fused his beloved fuji music with pop music to create a musical style that is unique to him.

Destiny boy became famous after he released a cover to one of Davido’s hit songs titled ”If”. The cover went viral, propelling the young man to the limelight. His music career has grown since then. Destiny boy is estimated to have a net worth of about #10 million.

MaryLove Edwards

MaryLove is an African tennis prodigy. She is the top player in her age category in Africa. MaryLove started playing tennis at the age of 4 and has grown to become one of the game’s hottest talents in Africa currently. She has won many medals so far in her career. In 2018, MaryLove emerged champion at the CAT/ITF West and Central African Junior Championship qualifiers held in Togo.

MaryLove is coached by her father but is under the management of Temple Management Company (TMC). Her net worth is estimated to be about #8 million. This makes her one of the richest kids in Nigeria.

Segun Wire

You most likely most have heard of him. He is the young man captured on video in 2016 expressing his desire to become a Yahoo boy (Internet Fraudster) when he comes of age. He was only 9 years old then. After the video was shared on social media, some people reached out to the boy’s family in a bid to help shape his future. One of them is Zlatan Ibile, a popular music artist.

His life has changed significantly as the young man is estimated to be worth #5 million now.

Conclusion (Richest Kid In Nigeria)

The title of richest kid in Nigeria currently belongs to Mompha Junior, estimated to be worth about #500 million. Some other rich kids were also discussed to make up a list of top 10 richest kids in Nigeria.

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