Remember Sodium and Gomorrah Moral Instructor Advises Ladies

A certain lady named Hannah Ogundare has made a video advising young ladies against joining every challenge.
This is after so many ladies jumped on the #SilhouetteChallenge which involves transitioning from wearing clothes to striping naked and dancing under red light, thereby showcasing their body of art without being properly seen.


She likened the times to the time of ” Sodium and Gomorrah”
She advised ladies to avoid being destroyed like people were in that time in the Bible.

She added that men would never hop on such challenges, but women never listen.
Meanwhile, a handful of men have participated in the challenge showing off shadows of their abs and genitals.

She attached the female worth to how they put their body on display on social media.
She also brags about her banging body, but swears to never participate in such challenges.
She concluded her message by asking women to do better things with their time and lives.

People have dragged her for making such a colossal blunder as “Sodium and Gomorrah” instead of “Sodom and Gomorrah”.
Some overlook the blunder and add that joining the challenge is a very disgraceful thing to do, as they’re not being paid for it neither is it adding any value to their lives.

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