It’s still early days in Rema’s music career but the signs are there that this young man is destined for greatness. His music resonates far beyond the borders of Nigeria. The fast-rising Nigerian music artist is the focus of this post. I shall be discussing about his early life, music career so far, and his current net worth.

Rema whose real name is Divine Ikubor was born on the 1st of May, 2000. He hails from Edo state in Nigeria’s South-South region and grew up in the State capital, Benin city. He had his primary and secondary school education in Benin. His music journey also started in the city as he began singing and rapping while growing up in Benin.

His big break into the music industry came in 2018 when he recorded and posted a viral freestyle to D’Prince’s Gucci Gang track. Immediately D’prince heard the freestyle, he knew he had spotted a gem. D’Prince immediately flew the young Rema to Lagos and offered him a record deal. Thus, the music career of Rema was born.

Growing Up

Rema was born on the 1st of May 2000 in Benin city, capital of Edo state. For those asking how old is Rema now, his current age is 20. His real name is Divine Ikubor. Rema grew up in Benin and had his primary and secondary education there.

The young man didn’t have it easy growing up as he lost his father and elder brother at a young age. This made him toughen up as he took of the responsibility of caring for his mother. As a result, he took up odd jobs and a point he was working in Ghana cleaning a beach. By doing this, he was able to save some money to invest in his music career.

Is Rema From A Rich Family

Yes, Rema is from a rich family. His father is late Justice Ikubor who was a  PDP chieftain in Edo state during his lifetime. He died in 2008. Before his death, Rema’s father served as General Manager of the state-owned Ethiope Publishing Company.

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The death of Rema’s father significantly affected the family financially. To make things worse, Rema’s elder brother died not long after their father died leaving just him and his mum. Thus Rema had to become an adult at a very young age.

He worked several odd jobs just to survive. He stated in an interview that things were so bad at that time that his mum couldn’t afford public transportation. She had to trek every day. This informed Rema’s decision to buy his mum a car in 2017 even though he was yet to own a car himself. So while Rema may have come from a privileged background, the young man didn’t have it easy growing up.

Rema’s Music Career

As a young man growing up in Benin, Rema started singing and rapping when he was still in secondary school. This he continued even after leaving secondary school. His hard work finally paid off in 2018 when he caught the attention of D’Prince.

D’Prince is the younger brother of ace producer and record label boss, Don Jazzy. Rema had recorded and posted online a freestyle to D’Prince’s song “Gucci Gang”. D’Prince got to know about this and liked what he heard from the young man. He flew Rema to Lagos and offered him a record deal.

Rema accepted the deal and was signed to D’Prince’s Jonzing World, a subsidiary of Mavin Records. Mavin Record is owned by Don Jazzy, the elder brother of D’Prince.

Once he had settled at his new label, Rema continued doing what he loved best, recording songs. In 2019, Rema released his eponymous debut EP Rema. The EP was successful as it peaked at number 1 on Apple Music Nigeria. He has released 3 more EPs and several singles. Rema’s full discography as of now is listed below.

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Rema’s List of Songs

As of now, Rema hasn’t released an album. He has released 4 EPs and several singles to the delight of his millions of fans. The titles of the EPs and Singles and their year of release are;


Rema which was released in 2019

Rema Freestyle was released in 2019

Bad Commando was released in 2019

Rema Remix was released in 2020


Before signing with D’Prince’s Jonzing World in 2018, Rema had released 2 singles both featured Alpha P. The singles are;

Starboy ft. Alpha P which was released in 2017

Mercy ft. Alpha P which was released in 2017

In 2018, Rema didn’t release any songs. He signed with Jonzing World that year. It was in 2019 that he continued to drop more songs. He has since released the following singles;

Iron Man was released in 2019

Why was released in 2019

Dumebi was released in 2019

Corny was released in 2019

Boulevard was released in 2019

American Love was released in 2019

Spiderman was released in 2019

Trap Out The Submarine was released in 2019

Bad Commando was released in 2019

Lady was released in 2019

Rewind was released in 2019

Spaceship Jocelyn was released in 2019

Dumebi Remix ft. Becky G was released in 2020

Beamer (Bad Boys) was released in 2020

Rainbow was released in 2020

Fame was released in 2020

Ginger Me was released in 2020

Alien was released in 2020

Woman was released in 2020

Rema’s List of Awards

Despite being relatively new in the music industry, Rema has a number of awards to his name.

At the 13th edition of The Headies in 2019, Rema won the highly coveted Next Rated award. He was also nominated for the Viewer’s Choice award but didn’t win.

In January 2020, Rema won The Soundcity MVP for best New Artist.

At the 2020 BET Awards, Rema was nominated as Best Viewers Choice: International Act.


Another recognition he has received though not an award was being featured on former US President Barack Obama’s 2019 summer Playlist. His song “Iron Man” made it to Obama’s 2019 summer Playlist. This is a huge feat for a young artist just starting out.

Rema Net worth In Nigeria Currency

For those interested in how much is Rema net worth, you will find an answer here. The artist may be quite young but he has earned himself some good money so far. Many estimate his net worth in dollars to be around $500,000. Those asking for Rema’s net worth in dollars, the answer is $500,000.

In Nigerian currency, Rema’s net worth will be around #200,000,000 using the official exchange rate of #380 to a dollar. That provides an answer to Rema net worth in Nigeria currency.

Rema’s Cars


His win in the highly coveted Next Rated category at the 2019 Headies came with a GAC SUV. The car features an elegant design and is nice and spacious. The GAC SUV Rema won is estimated to be worth around #34 million.

2010 Lexus Rx 350

In 2017, Rema bought his mum a 2010 Lexus Rx 350. He was only 17 at that time and wasn’t famous yet. Naturally, lots of questions were raised about how he got the money to buy such a car. The car is estimated to be worth #18 million.

Rema Phone Number

Rema’s phone number is not public information and so cannot be provided in this post.

Conclusion (Rema Net Worth In Nigeria Currency)

Rema is one of the few young musicians gradually warming their way into the heart of music lovers in Nigeria. His music is well accepted both locally and internationally. It is expected that the young man will grow over time to become one of the best music acts in the country.

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