Religious extremist harasses Uber driver.

A Christian lady shares on Twitter how she successfully harassed her Uber driver.
She happily tweeted that she propagated the gospel of Jesus Christ to her Muslim driver, saying “he was amused” for a young fine girl to be so keen about her religion.

This particular tweet has raised a lot of dust and has had a lot of people talking.
Some people think she did well by preaching the word of God to an “unbeliever”. Some think she harassed him by preaching her religion to him knowing full well that he’s a Muslim. They added that it would’ve led to a catastrophe if it were the other way round, as Christians do not even let Muslim songs play for a few seconds before they request for it to be changed.
A fraction thinks that Nigerians who condemn her are just waging war against Christianity because of fake “wokeness”, and add that we’re in the end time and the condemners are members of the Antichrist.

Some others also think that the evangelist lady feels like a martyr of Christ due to the unapologetic drags on Twitter, as the Bible says “blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’s sake, for theirs is the kingdom of God”

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