Acquiring foreign education is a goal for many people for obvious reasons. There are lots of privileges associated with receiving foreign education. Canada is one of the top countries in the world where one can acquire quality education. For graduates seeking to relocate or boost their chances of landing their dream job, acquiring Canadian education will be of great help in your quest.

Postgraduate Diploma also called Graduate Diploma in Canada is either a 1 or 2-year study program. Students get to improve their knowledge and also gain industry-relevant work experience during the program. Most Canadian tertiary schools run affordable diploma programs. Averagely, diplomas in Canada cost between about 15,000 CAD per year.

The cost of studying a diploma in Canada depends on the school as well as the course of study. Gaining admission for a diploma in Canada requires you to meet some basic criteria. You must have completed at least a 3-year bachelor’s degree in a relevant course with at least 65% aggregate score. For international students, proof of English language proficiency is a must. Some courses may require that you have at least 2 years of work experience.

Now that you know the basic requirements for admission into diploma study programs in Canada, how do you apply? The application process is simple and flexible. The requirements and how to go about the application are explained below.

How to Apply For Postgraduate Diploma in Canada

The application process varies depending on the school. Some schools allow submission of application online while others require that you send in your application via mail. Note that your application must be supported by some documents. The usual documents required to apply for a PG diploma in Canada include;

Copy of your bachelor’s degree

Academic transcripts


Statement of Purpose

Recommendation Letter

English Language Proficiency test score

Proof of financial support

Passport Photograph

Photocopy of your international transcript

You will submit at least some of the above documents along with your completed application form. Ensure that you send the right documents required by school you are applying to. Note that the documents required for diploma application vary depending on the school. If you do not submit all the required documents by the school you applied to, your application will not be processed. You will find details about the documents required by each school for their diploma courses on their website.

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How Can I Study For Diploma in Canada?

Usually, you do not need to write an exam before getting admitted to a diploma program in a Canadian school. The only test you may need to write is the English language proficiency exam. Popular ones are IELTS and TOEFL. Study packs for these tests are readily available to help you prepare.

Which Diploma is best in Canada?

There are several diploma options to choose from in Canada. Some of the most popular and job-oriented ones include;

Accounting & Finance

Actuarial Science & Big Data Analytics

Advertising & Public Relations

Agricultural Science & Forestry

Business Administration

Business Analytics


Computer Science & Information Technology

Data Science


Engineering (Aerospace, Electrical, Civil & Software)

Engineering Management (Electrical, Construction, & IT)

Global Business Management

Human Resource Management


Medicine & Healthcare


Operations Management

Project Management

Renewable Energy & Earth Sciences

Supply Chain Management

Teaching & Career Counselling

Those are some of the in-demand diploma courses in Canada for those who intend to work in Canada after their program.

Is it Worth Studying Diploma in Canada?

Yes, it is worth it studying a graduate diploma in Canada. As a student enrolled in a PG diploma program in Canada, you are eligible to apply for Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). This permit allows international postgraduate students to work while living in Canada. The permit is issued only to those who have completed at least an 8 months course in a Canadian institution.

Note that only full-time students are eligible for the PGWP. Part-time students are not eligible to apply. The duration of PGWP issued to you is dependent on the duration of the course studied. For those in a study program with a duration of fewer than 2 years, they get a PGWP equal to the duration of their program. A course of at least 2 years duration will qualify you for a 3-year PGWP.

With a PGWP, you are on your way to a Permanent Residency (PR). You qualify for a PR provided you work for at least 12 months during the period your work permit is valid. A PR puts you well on your way to becoming a Canadian citizen. This clearly justifies why studying a diploma in Canada is worth it.


For those still asking is it worth doing a postgraduate diploma in Canada, an answer has been provided. If your goal is to relocate to Canada then a postgraduate diploma in a Canadian school is definitely a good option.

What Can I Study After Diploma in Canada?

You can put in for a master’s degree program after your diploma in Canada if you so desire. You may even opt to start a new bachelor’s degree altogether. There are several options available depending on your interest.

Can I Apply for a Master’s after PG Diploma in Canada?

Yes, you can. You can proceed to apply for a master’s degree program after completing your postgraduate diploma program.

Is it Easy to Get Job in Canada after Diploma?

Securing a job isn’t easy anywhere in the world unless you are connected to the right people. Your diploma from a Canadian college doesn’t automatically put a job in hands. As an immigrant in Canada, you probably won’t be that connected. Your diploma will qualify you for jobs but you will still have to navigate the job market to secure a job.

This does not imply that there are no jobs available in Canada. As a matter of fact, you probably stand a higher chance of landing a job in Canada than in your home country. There are jobs in Canada but there are several others who are equally qualified for those jobs or even more qualified than you are.

Diploma Fees in Canada for International Students

Tuition fees for diploma programs in Canada vary depending on the course and the institution. Expect to pay an average fee of around 15,000 CAD per year for a diploma program in a Canadian school. You can pay as high as 20,000 CAD in some schools.

Cost of PG Diploma in Canada

Apart from tuition, some other cost you will incur in your pursuit of a PG diploma in a Canadian school include;

Pre-arrival fees: These are fees you will pay before the commencement of your program. Most schools require you to pay an application fee of between 75 to 100 CAD. A study permit application fee of 235 CAD which includes 150 CAD for a study permit and 85 CAD for biometric must also be paid. You will need to pay 13,000 CAD for health insurance as well.

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Don’t forget fees for English proficiency test too. IELTS fee is between 243 to 250 CAD while TOEFL costs between 210 and 320 CAD. You can pay for these language tests in your local currency and also take the tests in your country.

Cost of Living: You will have to pay monthly for accommodation, food, and transport. These costs vary depending on your location. Other expenses apart from these will also be incurred. Your choice of lifestyle will impact your cost of living. Budget at least 12,000 CAD for living cost per year.

There are scholarships available to help offset the cost of studying a diploma in a Canadian school. Some colleges offer both partial and full scholarships to qualifying students. You can find out more about these scholarships and apply for the ones that you qualify for.

Best Colleges in Canada for PG Diploma

There are several colleges in Canada offering quality PD diploma programs. The following are some popular ones among international student. This is because these colleges are quite affordable.

Algonquin College

Centennial College

Durham College

Fanshawe College

Fleming College

George Brown College

Humber College

The Sheridan College

Sault College

Mohawk College

St. Stephens College

North Island College

Luther College

St. Lawrence College

Niagara College

The following Canadian Universities also have diploma study programs that you can enrol in.

Carleton University

Concordia University

McMaster University

Royal Roads University

Simon Fraser University

Thompson Rivers University

University of Winnipeg

Conclusion (Postgraduate Diploma in Canada)

Postgraduate diplomas are great for international students seeking an entry route into Canada. The programs are usually job-oriented and last for a year or two. The fees are quite affordable as average tuition for a postgraduate diploma study in Canada is around 15,000 CAD. The program qualifies you for a study permit which can be upgraded to a PR. So if you are looking for an affordable path to gain entry into Canada, consider putting in for a postgraduate study program.

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