Popular digital marketer’s relationship goes sour.

A popular Twitter digital marketer, Biyi, has had his name on everyone’s lips in the last 24 hours.
The young, successful marketer in March, 2020 openly auditioned for a girlfriend on Twitter.
Eventually, he got a girlfriend and their relationship was the talk of the Twitter streets with the unending PDA.

On the 6th of March, the once lovey dovey couple have been at loggerheads and all over social media.
His girlfriend, Sabena, has accused him of beating her up. This accusation was backed up with a video of her brutally beaten up, and her frontal torn away. She added that he held her to the wall and tried to strangle her.

She announced that she had already taken the case to Magodo police station where the policemen took sides with the man and had her delete her tweets against him.

Biyi, on the other hand, has denied ever being the first to hit her. He claims that she hit him first and it escalated and the only option was to defend himself by beating her up.

He put out tweets proving his innocence, and attached a picture of his toilet which got broken during the fight. He said that she came to attack him in that closet and he had no other choice than to defend himself.
He declares that he regrets ever touching her and never thought he would be one to hit a woman. According to him, he never thought Sabena would push him to the extent of making him beat her because he trusted her so much.
He also attached pictures of him as proof to show that she attacked him first.


The Twitter in-laws are confused as to whose side to be on.

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