Popular Comedian, Etinosa Begs for Her Marriage to be Kept Private.

Popular Edo comedian and actress, Etinosa has been seen in a picture with her husband holding their newborn baby. This is shortly after she remarried at a very private wedding in Lagos state.

She posted on her Instagram “this year I received the best gift ever…. The gift of motherhood
I am eternally grateful to God”

This particular picture has made people inquire about who her husband really is because an emoji was used in covering his face.

Nigerians, out of curiosity, pressure popular Instagram bloggers to help unveil who the man is.

Etinosa takes to Gistlovers direct message to beg the handler to do no investigation about her family. She admits that she fears Nigerian bloggers and begs that she wants her marriage kept private because her husband wants it so.
According to her, if his identity is revealed, her husband’s family would call for a family meeting because of that.
She adds that it took her a lot of convincing before she was even able to post a picture of them with their baby.

Nigerians are even more curious to know who this man who has made the famous Etinosa a mother is, and why he wants his identity unknown. They put more pressure on the bloggers to reveal his identity.

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