Political analyst calls out APC lawmaker for flouting government orders.

Political and economic analyst, Morris Monye has called out a popular APC lawmaker, Akin Alabi, on Twitter for flouting the government’s ban on Twitter.

Months after the Nigerian government placed a ban on Twitter in Nigeria, which was enforced by all network providers in the country, the citizens of the country have adjusted to the situation. While some have accepted their fate as citizens of a country where freedom of speech is a crime, others have taken to using VPNs to access the app.

Morris Monye who is one of these Nigerians who have sought other means to make use of the app, has caught a lawmaker, who is supposed to be enforcing this ban, in the act.

Akin Alabi has been active on Twitter even after the ban, making posts about football and other topics of interest to him.
This time, a courageous Nigerian has called him out for not enforcing the laws which the government he works under has set down.

He tweeted, “Messi is not the greatest ever player from Argentina”
While other football fanatics argue with him, Morris Monye decided to state that it’s a wonderful sight to behold, where a lawmaker tweets with VPN.

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