Passengers Pull Out Handfans to Relieve Themselves of Heat in an Aeroplane.

A displeased Nigerian named Sir Mixalot, has expressed his grievances about a popular airline, Air Peace on his Twitter handle, saying “if I ever fly Air Peace again, let me die”.

He has vowed to never patronize the airline again because of their bad customer service. Attached to his tweet was a video of passengers in the plane, using sheets of paper as handfan to make themselves feel comfortable due to the heat in the plane.
Apparently, the air conditioner in the plane wasn’t functioning, and they still had to fly.

It is indeed ridiculous and unbelievable, but there is no way to doubt this when it was caught live on video.

Nigerians have reacted accordingly to this video, calling out the airline by tagging their official Twitter handle.
They have come out in their numbers to recount their ill experiences while flying with Air Peace.

In spite of the terrible situation that has led to this unbelievable occurrence, Nigerians have made jokes out of this.
Many have said that Air Peace took the popular slang “E choke” too far.

A Twitter user, Emmanuel Maduneme stated that “one reason Nigeria will perpetually suffer from horrible customer service and disrespect for citizenry is that these kind of things have been normalized so much it doesn’t outrage anyone and the company bears no public consequences”

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