Palestine under attack.

The people of Palestine are under attack by Israelite army. The city of Gaza has been in turmoil as the zionists of Israel kill a large number of people.
Residents and other people affected have reported that these zionists threw missiles at them. According to them, the missiles were thrown like soccer balls. They could neither run nor stay. All they could do was surrender to the missiles.

So many men, women and children have been reported dead and the others, indisposed. Children have lost their parents, cousins and other relatives.

It is a sad day for the Palestinians, as they are woken up to so much terrorism by Israel and they feel helpless. They woke up to huge explosions by the Israeli army with more than 200 rockets in ten minutes, which claimed a large number of lives.

They have called for help, and people across the globe; both Christians and Muslims have lended their voice towards the #FreePalestine campaign.
Several pictures of the brutalized Palestinians are littered all over the internet, and videos showing the anguish orphaned children are having to go through are also circulating.

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