“Overmaturity is what kills your marriage”- Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro advises women.

Relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has taken to her Instagram page to tell women why their husbands are always cheating with young girls.

She explained that young girls like her are always putting in the effort to look good in every way possible, and they never relax. She said this isn’t the case with married women, as they become very relaxed when they get married and begin to act like old women.

She added that this doesn’t make their husband see them as worthy of pampering anymore, as they are now like old women to them. She also stated that men like to pamper their women and carry them up and down, which is why they result to cheating with younger ladies.

She stated that men are visual beings and women must endeavor to appeal to their husbands visually.
She advised women to die their hair, change their wigs, and do things to make them look younger everytime.


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