Ogbolor gives requirement for Detty December.

Comedian and actor, Ogbolor has taken to his Instagram story to state the requirement to successfully partake in Detty December. He stated that in order to have a Detty December, one would have had to work very hard and smart throughout the year because money is not gotten overnight.
He added that many people are willing to enjoy their lives but only few are willing to work for their money. He indicated that this is the reason so many people want to enjoy their lives this December but cannot.

He also made a special tribute to people who work hard and smart all through the year but are still unable to have a Detty December due to the amount of bills they have to sort. He salutes them for them and encourages them to never give up and also enjoy with the little they have. He also advised that they give thanks to God for life because when there is life, there is hope.

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